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Inte­grated Net­working At Its Best

Remote network supervision and industrial strength I/O is what we do. We help our customers see their networks in a new light — making daily management tasks easy.

Remote network supervision tools and industrial strength I/O modules
Remote I/O. Evolved.


RIO xR3 is the latest addition to the Optima IoT ecosystem. It is equal parts industrial strength remote I/O module, performing network supervisory functions, and an IoT telemetry system complete with cellular and satellite link connectivity.

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Remote Network Supervision And Industrial Strength I/O


NEXUS NANO is our ideal solution for critical infrastructure management. It comes with an impressive pedigree. Optima has over 25 years of experience building carrier grade systems and tools. Simply deploy and reap the rewards.

Turn it into your catalyst for driving efficiencies in operation. Make NEXUS NANO a key part of your OPEX reduction strategy today.

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All-In-One Toolbox.

T:LAN NetPro e44

The T:LAN is our most popular, universal access platform. It is cost effective, scalable, and highly reliable. T:LAN NetPro e44 has become an RTU industry standard — a workhorse for remote LAN access, legacy communications, running apps and managing alarms.

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Work Smarter. Not Harder.

Remote Com­mander Server

Optima’s RCS centralizes user management tasks in one convenient central spot. You get all the tools necessary to empower your admins. Whether assigning roles, authenticating users, managing credentials, collecting data and session logs, or administering device access. Down to the individual port level — RCS does it all.

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We embarked on our journey more than 25 years ago. Our goal was to do what we love –

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At Optima our level of service goes beyond mere satisfaction. We value our on-going relationship with our customers. Optima diligently tracks the performance record of all offerings.

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We pledge to strive for the best. To employ the latest hardware and software technologies. To continuously improve our entire product lineup. So you, as our customer, can reap the benefits.

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