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Remote I/O. Evolved.


RIO xR3 is the latest addition to Optima’s IoT ecosystem.

It is equal parts industrial strength remote I/O module – performing network supervisory functions, and IoT telemetry system – with cellular and satellite link connectivity.

Built To Communicate


NEXUS NANO is our latest, most advanced solution for critical infrastructure management. We designed it to be an ideal catalyst for driving operational efficiencies.

Make NEXUS NANO a key part of your next OPEX reduction strategy.

Wireless Router/Gateway


AERO simplifies connecting a remote site to the corporate network. It reduces the required steps to a minimum.

Secure VPN connections make it perfect for mission critical communications.

Flexible Sensors


The enviroSENSOR OneWire Temperature Sensor line consists of small, easy to deploy sensors. They operate on a unique single wire bus – supporting daisy chaining.

The All-In-One Toolbox


Optima’s universal access platform is cost effective, scalable, and highly reliable. It has become an industry standard — a workhorse for remote LAN access, legacy communications, running apps and managing alarms.

Quality. Ready-to-Install

Optima Cables

Cut down on installation costs.

Get quality custom cables.

Terminated and ready to deploy.

The Perfect Teammate


Optima’s RIO Remote Input And Output Modules expand the capabilities of a T:LAN. It turns our RTU into a state of the art SNMP manageable network surveillance tool. Modular alarm collection, flexible output control, and analog sensor measurements – all in one.

Made By Optima


Optima has a full line of quality accessories to make your deployment a breeze. Browse the Optima Shop whenever you are looking for power kits, rack-mounts, brackets, mounting hardware or replacement parts.

Serving You Better

Optima’s level of service goes beyond mere satisfaction. We value our on-going relationship with our customers. Optima diligently tracks the performance record of all offerings.

And we strive to offer the kind of personal attention that will leave you feeling secure — that qualified technical support is only a phone call or e-Mail away.

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Can’t Find Your Answer?

Could not find exactly what you are looking for? Then feel free to talk to us about your unique requirements or demands.

We know how to listen and how to offer expert advice. Rest assured that we always strive for complete and total customer satisfaction.