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Serving Behind The Scenes

Optima’s Central Core

The Remote Commander Server (RCS) provides a suite of Microsoft® Windows® based services.

It secures and regulates access to Optima products. Manage your RCS remotely to increase productivity.

Offers a redundancy mode with data replication for backup purposes.

For All Optima Devices

Manage &
Secure Access

RCS centralizes user management tasks in one convenient central spot. You get all the tools necessary to empower your admins.
Whether assigning roles, authenticating users, managing credentials, or administering device access. Down to the individual port level — it’s all here.
RCS supports special modes that allow users to carry out their assigned workload. Even when parts of the network may be down. Or while users cannot reach your central servers.
And yes, we provide provisions to limit or extend these. All fall-back options are configurable according to your policies.

Cross-Check Your Administrators

Approve With Confidence

RCS supports cross-checking to improve network security. This reduces inadvertent mistakes and helps prevent malicious actions by a disgruntled actor.

Cross-checking is a method which requires approval of a second admin for validation. Actions of one administrator are pending until approved by another.

Once approved, the pending changes are turned into valid actions. If denied, RCS just rolls back the attempted changes. Confidence in action!


Harden Your Network

Automatic Configuration Backups

RCS simplifies the backup of device profiles, configuration files and ecoLOGIC Application settings. Given a list of remote sites, the server collects all these settings automatically.

Eliminate error prone manual procedures. Specify a schedule instead. Then relax. You control how many generations of your data/backups remain in the database.

And when it is time to purge the oldest: let RCS build up a timeline to document changes. It increases efficiency, avoids human error and reduces clutter.

Warehouse All Your Files

Data From Remote Corners

Configure RCS to collect and data-warehouse all Optima ecoLOGIC Application log files. Eliminate tedious, error prone and time-consuming manual procedures.

RCS streamlines collating log files from many remote sites. Once stored in the central database, users can turn logs into customizable reports.

Log User Activities

Follow The Trail

Track user activities across a variety of Optima products. Utilizes the RCS User Session Logs and RC Client Logs.

Peruse all actions by an individual. Specify a time frame, no matter which Optima device might have been accessed. Or uncover all actions performed on a single unit, regardless of who carried it out.

Allows exporting the activities to a spreadsheet for further analysis, reporting or compilation.

Find Answers

Use the Log File Browser of the RCS Management Console to access user activity records. Then filter by:

  • Device Name
  • Device IP
  • Session ID
  • Session Type
  • User Name
  • User Login
  • User IP
  • Start Date/Time
  • End Date/Time
  • First Change Date/Time
  • Last Change Date/Time
  • Last Update Date/Time
  • Previous Changes
  • Pending Updates
  • Session Termination Reason
  • Specific Menu/Screen – Accessed
  • Specific Menu/Screen – Modified

RCS – Unique Features

RCS Offers So Much More Than Just A Standard Central User/Accounts Management Tool:

Central Device List

Handles all device list management functions in one convenient place.

Central User List

Handles all user list management functions in a central location.

LDAP/AD Support

Support LDAP/AD User imports and credentials authentication.

Log-On Authentication

Handles central credentials verification. Supports LDAP to avoid password replication.

Privilege Assigments

Create unique profiles per user or even for each device a user is allowed to access.

Special Task Force

Control which special tasks a user is entitled to, and on which device.

Configuration File Backup

Manage a central repository of the latest T:LAN/RIO configuration files.

User Session Logs

Find out which user did what to your devices and when. Resolve finger pointing.

MC Activity Logging

Review all admin actions performed on the RCS Management Console.

Statistics And Log Files

Automatically collect all logs and statistics generated by any of the ecoLOGIC SE apps.

Report Generator

Includes the Optima Quantum Report Generator. Turns raw data into actionable reports.

Server Replication

Increase reliability with automatic server replication. Syncs backup server(s).

T:LAN Secure Mode

Control who can access devices, even individual LAN/serial ports in the network.

Export CSV Files

Export your data as CSV files. Then process them with the spreadsheet of your choice.

Cross Check Admins

Enable admin cross checks to ensure actions are reviewed before being activated.

Better ROI

Take The Hassle Out Of Compiling Reports

Crunching The Numbers

RCS incorporates the Optima Quantum Report Generator (QRG). With it you can start mining your warehoused data from all your remote sites.

Generate rich reports based on your key metrics. Pick the type of report required, select the date range, then hit generate! Presto.

QRG performs sample point smoothing and aligns readings from different sites. This facilitates quick comparisons.

Our reports help visualize trends developing over time. And they serve as a showcase for your most important KPI’s.

Turn Rows Of Raw Data Into Reports


Mine the rich data sets created by the Optima ecoLOGIC apps. Turn rows of raw CSV data points into consise reports fit for any CEO.

Optima offers a variety of report generation licensing options. Start small. Increment as your network builds. Finish strong with the proper reports to document the impact to your bottom line.

Ordering / Documentation

Part Numbers
3000-C020200A RC Server + Management Console 25 Node License
3000-L215001A RCS – Management Add-On 25 Node License
3000-L215002A RCS – Management Add-On 50 Node License
3000-L215003A RCS – Management Add-On 100 Node License
3000-L215004A RCS – Management Add-On 200 Node License
3000-L215005A RCS – Management Add-On 250 Node License
3000-L215006A RCS – Management Add-On 500 Node License
3000-L215007A RCS – Management Add-On 1,000 Node License
3000-L215008A RCS – Management Add-On 2,000 Node License
3000-L215009A RCS – Management Add-On 5,000 Node License
3000-L215010A RCS – Management Add-On 10,000 Node License
3000-L215000A RC Server + Management Console Unlimited Node License
5000-E400002B Optima Customer Support Service – RCS + RCSMC 1 Year Subscription
5000-E400004B Optima Customer Support Service – RCS + RCSMC 2 Years Subscription

Specifications subject to change without prior written notice. All referenced trade names are either trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.