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Know. Now.

Take The Pulse Of Your Network

Optima provides new ways to manage your remote installations

With ever expanding and evolving networks, it is even more critical to stay one step ahead. Knowing what your network is doing at all times is crucial to ensuring smooth operations.

Optima’s solutions have been guarding large and small networks for over 25 years. We cover everything. From local installations to those that span entire counties or continents.

Battle Hardened Solutions

Yet for us innovation never stops. That is why we continue to hone and fine-tune our alarms processing technologies.

In turn, our customers deploy our battle hardened product offerings with confidence.

Keeping ahead of all your alarms should never be a difficult task. It should be as easy as checking the pulse.

That is why we offer some of the most versatile alarms processing solutions on the market.

A Superior Value Proposition

Optima stands for integrated networking. And we have always combined network surveillance with remote management. Our approach yields many advantages.

They make day-to-day operations quick and easy:

  • one uniform platform for all your maintenance tasks,
  • a single solution to run your entire network from.

Pushing Smarts To The Edge

Traditional architecture design focused on putting the smarts at the core. And then relied on constant polling to gather all the required data.

Serious obstacles like network outages, limited bandwidth, and poor scaling hobbled this method.

Optima has taken a fresh new approach to application deployment. We place the smarts where it makes the most sense. Right at the network’s edge. In the remote sites. Where the control functions need to happen 24/7.

We designed a truly distributed architecture. Designed from the ground up with all the advantages of being where the action is. Insuring smarter results faster.

Bringing It All Together

Alarms and applications — each augments the other. Our unique technology solutions provide the perfect mix of features and flexibility.

And they make managing the complex tasks of today’s demanding networks more intuitive. We help you spot trouble early. Before it might get out of hand.

Just ask for a demonstration. And experience the synergy between alarms supervision and apps management for yourself.