IoT Telemetry,
Remote Network Supervisory Module
with Cellular & Satellite Connectivity



Remote I/O.

RIO xR3 is the latest addition to Optima's IoT ecosystem.

It is equal parts industrial strength remote I/O module -
performing network supervisory functions,

and IoT telemetry system -
with cellular and satellite link connectivity.

  • Fully featured model.

    Fully featured model.
    Cellular & satellite link options.
    Battery backup option for improved uptime.
  • Mid-range model.

    Mid-range model.
    Great for WiFi/LAN.
    No cellular link options.
    Satellite link available (via external modem).
  • Base Model.

    Base Model.
    Controlled via MODBUS.
    No WiFi/LAN, no cellular, no satellite link options.
Available Models


Equipped with highly integrated multi-processor cores, it delivers optimal performance for every job. It is light weight, compact, powerful, yet energy-efficient. The xR3 can be run off the local DC supply or AC/mains.

An on-board backup battery and intelligent charger allow operations even in challenging conditions. By integrating all features in one unit, you can rest assured you will always be in the know. Monitoring scattered sites is finally independent of the local power grid. And your alarms will make it - even if the power goes out.


More than 2 decades of experience have been poured into the design of the xR3. It performs alarms supervision, automation control and environmental monitoring - while gathering data from all your MODBUS devices.

The integrated OneWire bus port supports up to eight Optima enviroSENSORS. Perfect to capture demanding multi-point temperature, humidity and air-flow readings - whether in server rooms or far off places.



We did not stop there. RIO xR3's support a variety of protocols, including:







Modbus over TCP/IP, and

Alarms Uplink.


And it effortlessly knows how to convert between them. This takes the hassle out of translating data points, gathering sensor readings, and streaming telemetry to the cloud.

A Hybrid Approach.

The Achilles' heel of most low I/O count devices is: you tend to run out of the type of IO you need the most. We bypassed that - by implementing hybrid inputs. Software switchable to be either discrete contact or analog inputs. Individually, with custom thresholds.

In DCI mode, they are biased with 12Vdc and can either be triggered by a positive or negative voltage. Or simply by switching to ground. And all inputs feature an ultra-wide -60Vdc to +60Vdc operating range. Great flexibility, thanks to our hybrid inputs.

Optima At Heart.

We have a long history when it comes to integrating into enterprise back-ends. The RIO xR3 inherits our rich set of SNMP capabilities.

Result: integrating our MIBs and processing SNMP alarm traps the easy way. If your enterprise is already set up to handle Optima alarms, then you are good to go.

We are also adding RIO xR3 support to the Remote Commander Client (RCC) and Remote Commander Server (RCC). Managing all your Optima devices will be quicker than ever.


Our customers are rethinking the role of their edge networks. They need them to deliver more than just 5G.

Fortunately, RIO xR3's are small, IoT telemetry and alarm handling units. So you can deploy them in all your sites. Right at the source, next to your existing equipment or sensors.

Then pick the best connectivity option available:


For those busy places where you already have Ethernet.


For those sites that are a bit off the beaten track, covered by either LTE-M or NB-IoT.


For even the most remote site. Uses Optima's advanced ALARMS UPLINK protocol to preserve bandwidth and stay within budget.

& Ready
To Go.

Our cellular options remove many common obstacles associated with IoT cellular roll-outs.

RIO xR3 ships ready to deploy, with several global carrier certifications in place. This truly simplifies deployments.

RIO xR3. Reduces costs while accelerating time-to-market.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions:

    215.9 mm x 101.6 mm x 38.1 mm
    8.5 " x 4 " x 1.5 "

  • Weight:

    550 g

  • Mounting:

    Supports tabletop, shelf and wall mounting

  • Input:

    24 Vdc, 0.3 A

  • Battery:

    18 Wh

  • Runtime:

    72 h on backup battery
    depending on load/conditions.

  • Connector:

    1 set of screw terminals (5 mm)

  • Temperature:

    -40 °C to +65 °C
    -40 °F to +150 °F

  • Humidity:

    Up to 80 % relative humidity

  • Links:

    WIFI (IEEE 802.11b/g/n)
    Ethernet 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX
    Satellite (requires external satellite modem)

  • Protocols:

    Modbus over TCP/IP,
    Alarms Uplink

  • Frequencies:

    700-2200 MHz LTE
    For Canada
    LTE-M: B2,B4,B5,B12,B13,B17,B66
    NB-IoT: B4,B12,B13,B6

  • Compliance:

    3GPP LTE Release 13 Cat-M1
    and Cat-NB1,
    3GPP LTE Release 14 Cat-NB1
    and Cat-NB2 compliant

  • Sensitivity:

    -108dBm (LTE-M),
    -114dBm (NB-IoT)

  • Output power:

    up to +23 dBm

  • Antenna:

    Integrated actively tuned on-board antenna,
    U.FL Antenna connector (50 ohm)

  • SIM Slot:


  • Certifications:

    Europe (CE),
    Canada (ISED),
    Australia (ACMA, RCM),
    Singapore (IMDA),
    Japan (MIC),
    Taiwan (NCC),
    Korea (MSIP),
    Global (GCF, PTCRB certified)

  • Connector:

    1 SMA(F)

  • Type:

    Hybrid Inputs

  • Quantity:

    16, individually software configurable as
    DCI (discrete contact input) or analog input

  • Range:

    -60 Vdc to +60 Vdc

  • Resolution:

    1 mV

  • DCI Bias:

    12 Vdc

  • DCI Trigger:

    positive voltage,
    negative voltage or

  • Connectors:

    16 screw terminals (5 mm) + ground

  • Type:

    Solid-State Relays

  • Quantity:


  • Range:

    max. 60Vdc, 500mA (resistive)

  • Type:

    Audible Buzzer

  • Quantity:


  • Connectors:

    4 sets of screw terminals (5 mm)

  • Type:


  • Range:

    -40 °C to 85 °C
    -40 °F to 185 °F

  • Accuracy:

    ± 1 °C

  • Type:


  • Range:

    0 to 100 % r.H.

  • Accuracy:

    ± 3 % r.H.

  • Type:

    Air Pressure

  • Range:

    300 hPa to 1100 hPa

  • Accuracy:

    ± 0.25 %

  • Type:

    Air Quality (VOC)

  • Range:

    7 steps from Excellent to
    Extremely Polluted

  • Type:


  • Quantity:


  • Features:

    Programmable termination resistor,
    programmable bias

  • Connector:

    1 set of screw terminals (5 mm)

  • Type:


  • Quantity:


  • Features:

    Supports up to 8 external sensors

  • Connector:

    1 set of screw terminals (5 mm)

  • Type:


  • Quantity:


  • Features:

    Auto-MDIX, Auto-Negotiation,
    power savings mode

  • Connector:

    1 RJ45

  • Type:

    SFP, 100Base-FX

  • Quantity:


  • Features:

    Supports wide variety of industry
    standard 100Base-FX SFP modules

  • Connector:

    1 SFP cage

  • Updates:

    Supports OTA updates

Technical Specifications

Ordering / Documentation

Part Number Diagram
MODEL A Model 100
B Model 200
C Model 300
ETHERNET 0 not installed
1 WiFi (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n) + BT (v4.2 BR/EDR, BLE)
2 option 1 + 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX (IEEE 802.3/3u)
3 option 1 + 100BASE-FX (SFP)
CELLULAR 0 not installed
SENSOR 1 Standard: Temperature + Humidity
2 Enhanced: Temperature + Humidity + Air Pressure + Air Quality
LCD/TS 0 not installed
1 RGB TFT with touchscreen
SD-CARD 0 not installed
1 SD-Card slot
BATTERY 0 not installed
1 23 Wh Backup Battery & Charger
REVISION A v1.0 -current-
Part Numbers
1017-A001000A RIO xR3 Model 100
1017-B201001A RIO xR3 Model 200
1017-C211001A RIO xR3 Model 300

Specifications subject to change without prior written notice. All referenced trade names are either trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.


Making Progress

COMING SOON! Get all the latest updates.Head on over to the Optima BLOG.
Keep track of the RIO xR3 on its way to the official product release.


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