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Today’s rapid proliferation of new protocols translates into an urgent need for hands-on training. Education is an issue for all levels of staff. Companies need to educate their personnel to remain competitive.

Only trained professionals will have the tools at their disposal to cope with today’s advances in technology. Maintaining that expertise is as vital to the company as it is to the individual.

Get Up To Speed

Every day our global communications marketplace puts the knowledge and skills of our experts to the test. This remains a challenge even for experienced staff. To refresh and update their grasp and understanding of the latest innovations.

Optima uses instructor led training seminars. This familiarizes participants with the respective product lines or platforms.


Each educational session includes a comprehensive review of all product features. We cover deployment capabilities and management issues.

We combine the discussion of networking fundamentals with data transport theories. But most of all, we value lab experiments to round out the experience and improve results.

Delivering Results

Small group seminars provide the ideal setting for intensive training. Optima places an emphasis on hands-on job related learning.

Our seminars give participants an immediate, clear and working knowledge of Optima’s products.

Classes are generally available on-line. Select classes may be available at our facilities or on-site.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.