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Optima Remote Commander Server V 1.10

We Listened To Your Feedback

65+ New & Improved Features

The Optima RCS V1.10 is a Windows® operating system based server for administering and monitoring Optima products.
And we are proud to share this latest version with you.
It is the result of a series of long collaborations with some of our most loyal customers.
Optima’s development team added many new innovative features. Along the way we also integrated a whole list of valuable suggestions and feedback.
Together, we transformed RCS into a true mission control center. The ideal tool for admins. To accomplish all your daily user and equipment management tasks.
Check out the new features, upgrades and improvements in this little tour.

All Optima Customers

Software Service Subscription Required


Server/Windows based


VIA Optima Cloud Storage


V 1.10

Improved Admin Tools

Works Faster.
Works Better.

New & Improved

  • Supports Devices Located In Different Time Zones
  • Supports Running RCS (Remote Commander Server) In Demo Mode Without Hardware License Key
  • Optimized Data Storage Of ‘Get T:LAN Files’ Task
  • Added Tool To Repair Corrupted Databases Due To External Influences (e.g. Server Power Loss)
  • Includes RCS Version Information In Logged Start-Up Message
  • Support For Updated ‘Get T:LAN User Sessions’ Protocol
  • Increased Character Limit Of Local User Names
  • Improved Local Hardware License Key Polling
  • New Query To Determine If Secured Device List Needs To Be Sent To Client, Or If Local Copy On Client Is Still Up-To-Date
  • New Option To Store A Copy Of Files Retrieved Via ‘Get T:LAN Files’ Task In Local Folder
  • Added Support For Optima License Server
  • Increased Contrast Of User/Device List Selection Highlight
  • Allow Use Of F5 To Refresh Were Appropriate
  • Added Tooltips To Identify Tasks And Permissions In Column Headers
  • Allow Batch Report Generation
  • Show Report Generation Progress Via The Application Icon On The Windows Task Bar
  • Support For Updated ecoSENTRY Log Format

  • ecoSENTRY Genset/Fuel Report Includes Fuel Consumption And Allows Data Range Selection
  • Importing Users From An LDAP Directory Checks For Duplicates
  • QRG (QUANTUM REPORT GENERATOR) Version Number Is Included In All Generated Reports
  • Added A New Report Generation Result Dialog
    For Convenience
  • All Reports Now Default To A Common Start/End Date
  • Log Viewer Default Data Range Reduced To Two Days
  • Licensed Device Limit Now Only Applies To T:LAN Units
  • Added Option To Import Duplicate Devices, With A Choice To Skip Them
  • Added Option To Update Existing Devices With Imported Data
  • Added Extract Data Option For Unipower HCX Controller
  • Added A Default File Name For GENSET/Fuel Reports
  • Devices With No Data Are Removed From The Selection Before Generating A Report
  • Optimized Database Queries For Report Generation
  • Added More Columns To GENSET/Fuel Report
  • Improved Log Viewer Records Retrieval Speed
  • Switched To Using Daily Averages For Consumption And Run Counts Calculations In GENSET/Fuel Reports
  • Improved Delta ORION Report By Calculating Deltas For Incrementing Data Points
  • Report Data Is Averaged When Date Range Increases
Improved Server Management

More Power.

New & Improved

  • Allow Report Generation Even If Some Data Points Are Missing (Use Interpolating/Allow Gapped Data As Required)
  • Improved Report Generation Speed
  • Imported Devices Are Now Added To An IMPORTED Group
  • Duplicated IP And/Or MAC Addresses Are Tagged As Duplicates
  • Sites Without Data Are Listed In The Report Generation Results
  • Increased Report Data Resolution For Data Ranges Below Two Weeks
  • Export To CSV Improvements
  • Added User/Device Selection Count On The Status Bar
  • Updated Default Privacy Policy Text With French Translation
  • Added Refresh Button To T:LAN User Session Log
  • Included More Characters Considered As Valid In User Names
  • Improved Report Generation By Using The Most Recently Collected Data Set If More Than One Exists With The Same Time Stamp
  • Improved Report Generation By Discarding Data Sets With Invalid Dates
  • Added Option To Permanently Delete Users Records
  • Increased Data Resolution In GENSET/FUEL
  • Report For Data Ranges Below Two Weeks
  • Eliminated The “To” Field On The Scheduling Tab Of Options > Server Tasks
  • Improved Report Generation By Parsing FORMAT And VERSION Information Of eLApp.DXD Files
  • Support For New Log Measurements Added To Delta ORION Controllers
  • Updated Delta ORION Energy Report With Battery Charge Data
  • Support For New KPI Report
  • Support For New ecoSENTRY Consumption Report
  • Added Wind Energy Processing To Delta Orion Energy Report
  • Added Option To Duplicate An Entry On The Device List (E.G. In Preparation Of Device Replacement)
  • Improved Processing Time When Altering Large Amounts Of Users Or Devices
  • Added A Search Bar To Filter The User Or Device List
  • A User’s Last Login Time Stamp And Open Session Status Are Updated When Selecting The Entry
  • Added A Confirmation Prompt Before Modifying User Or Device Records
  • Support For New Energy & Site Score Report
  • Prevent Name Changes On Multi-Device Edits
  • Improved Retrieval Speed Of Pending Changes
  • Support For Version 12 Of The ecoSENTRY Log Format
  • Improved ecoSENTRY Consumption Report By Including Pages For Sites Without Data
  • Improved Performance Of Extract Configuration Files With Large Amount Of Devices
  • Added A Search Bar To The Import From LDAP Directory Browser
Improved Operations

Issues Solved.


  • Fixed Several Number Conversion Issues Related To Localization
  • Fixed Out-Of-Memory Errors With ‘Get T:LAN Files’ Task
  • Fixed Errors In The ‘Get Delta ORION Files’ Task
  • Fixed Database Index Creation On RCS Start-Up
  • Fixed Request For Re-Sending Missed ‘Get T:LAN Files’ Task Packets
  • Fixed RCS Start-Up In Cases Hardware License Key Is Not Found
  • Accommodate User/Device List Edits By Multiple Concurrent RCS Management Console Users
  • Prevent Duplicates On User (Alias) And Device Lists (IP Address, MAC Address)
  • Fixed Log Viewer Display With User Management Disabled
  • Fixed An Issue With Hitting Tab While Renaming A Device Via F2
  • Fixed Errors When Processing Corrupted Data While Generating Reports


  • Fixed An Issue With The RCS Management Console Not Being Shown On The Task Switcher During Report Generation
  • Improved Handling Of Losing Server Connection While Performing Edits On The User/Device List
  • Fixed Sorting By Device In The Log Viewer
  • Improved Checksum Validation When Processing Report Data
  • Fixed Report Generation If Entire Reporting Period Is One Continuous GENSET Run
  • Fixed Various Issues Related To Using A Large Data Sets
  • Fixed An Issue With No Devices Defined And User Management Disabled
  • Fixed Issues With The Pending Records View State
  • Fixed An Error When Attempting A Database Restore
  • Fixed An Issue With Dismissing The Modify User Or Modify Device Records Prompt

Better Business Insight


RCS V1.10 comes with a completely updated Quantum Report Generator. It make working with reports faster. And more efficient. Whether you need to generate a single report or a whole batch.
Get better business intelligence. We have added new reports and improved existing ones. This makes managing your business more efficient and improves the bottom line.
Crunching Larger Data Sets


RCS V1.10 incorporates several important upgrades to accelerate the processing of large data sets.
Whether importing big LDAP user lists, crunching huge logs, or compiling long lists of sensor data, RCS V1.10 will do the job in the most efficient way possible.
We have fine tuned the report generation. We improved the user and device list handling. We re-engineered the background tasks. Everything that pre-processes and packages data works better. So you get results quicker.


The RCS Management Console lets you log in from the same sub-net or from across the network.

RCS instances are controlled using the RCS Management Console. It works from wherever you work. From just across the aisle or from the far corners of your network. Administer in a group or alone. RCS is flexible.

We centralized all user management tasks in one convenient central spot. Now, RCS provides all the tools admins need.
Whether assigning roles, authenticating users, managing credentials, or administering device access. Down to the individual port level — it’s all here.
Manage your network. Globally or locally.

Get Your Copy

Subscribers to our premium Customer Service Programs can head on over to the Optima Cloud Storage.

The latest version is ready for download. Grab your official release of the Optima RCS V1.10 today!

Ordering / Documentation

Part Numbers
3000-C020201A RC Server + Management Console 25 Node License
3000-C020202A RC Server + Management Console 50 Node License
3000-C020203A RC Server + Management Console 100 Node License
3000-L215004A RC Server + Management Console 200 Node License
3000-L215005A RC Server + Management Console 250 Node License
3000-L215006A RC Server + Management Console 500 Node License
3000-L215007A RC Server + Management Console 1,000 Node License
3000-L215008A RC Server + Management Console 2,000 Node License
3000-L215009A RC Server + Management Console 5,000 Node License
3000-L215010A RC Server + Management Console 10,000 Node License
3000-C020200A RC Server + Management Console Unlimited Node License
5000-E400002B Optima Customer Support Service – RCS + RCSMC 1 Year Subscription
5000-E400004B Optima Customer Support Service – RCS + RCSMC 2 Years Subscription


Specifications subject to change without prior written notice. All referenced trade names are either trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.