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  • Network Management System

    Optima NMS

Mind The Network

The Optima NMS is a centralized, server based network monitoring system.

It presents the current state of the entire network in a clear and concise manner.

While developing the Optima NMS we had one primary goal:

Provide a premier, readily accessible, easy-to-use web interface to monitor today’s complex networks.

No Program­ming Skills. No Problem.

Network managers are able to access and work with the Optima NMS from virtually anywhere! It combines industry standard web components with custom multi-threaded building blocks.

The NMS ships ready-to-go out of the box. Eliminating the need for custom scripting or expensive adaptations.

Hit the ground running. Skip months mired in delays waiting for customized alarm handling.


The Optima NMS relies on proven technologies such as:


  • the Apache web server,
  • the MySQL database engine,
  • and the PHP high level language.


Together, they provide a robust, high-grade platform.

The actual alarm collection and processing is performed by optimized multi-threaded system services. This approach ensures fast response times and accurate reporting.

From the beginning, we designed an architecture that scales with increasing data volumes. And one that keeps on running.

Optima NMS

Feature Highlights


Get your critical alarms first. Organize other alerts according to severity.


Get notified the moment any monitored WAN link fails.


Keep an eye on your important LAN or WIFI connections.


Get alerted. Never loose sight of your critical equipment.


Track your KPIs. Get the complete picture. In an instant.

& Apps

Stop guessing. Monitor uptime and availability with precision.

3rd Party

Mix and match.
Monitor more than just Optima products.


Updates you on any network outages.
Or performance problems.


Notifies on-call techs about real-time alarm events. Reduces response times.

Work Smarter.
Not Harder.

Don’t get tied up managing your old network management system.

Automatic event correlation and notification bundling reduces tedious and repetitive tasks.

Our NMS allows your network supervisors to concentrate on fixing the real problems.

Keeping It Simple

Organize all your sites in hierarchical structures. Use device profiles to hold every bit of pertinent information.

This lets you confidently identify the origin of every alarm notification.

No matter what size of network you have to manage.

The Optima NMS. Clear, categorized and concise.


The Optima NMS supports concurrent user sessions. Customizable user profiles help the administrator delegate responsibilities.

Manage staff rotation with ease. Keep one step ahead of on-call schedules and coverage changes.

Notify Stake­holders

Track problems quickly. Keep everybody up to date with e-mail & SMS alerts.

Flexible severity filters cut down needless duplication.

The powerful built-in scheduler tracks who is currently on-call. And who should receive the latest alerts.

Cut Through The Clutter

The Optima NMS supports user defined custom filtering options.

Perfect for condensing alert displays to reveal only relevant data.

Drill down to the essential information. Ideal for finding out what is really happening in your network.

Dash­boards & More

Showcase your most valuable KPIs. Share your graphs, charts and gauges.

Design custom dashboards with drill-down, or use the built-in set provided by Optima.

This makes visualizing your data a snap.

Get A Private Tour

Ask us for a in-depth guided tour to showcase all that the Optima NMS can do for you.

Our products add value to your day-to-day operations. Managing networks can be powerful and easy. Let us show you how.


Why not contact us today to arrange for a demonstration. Or discuss your application details.

See for yourself how you can improve your network efficiency and save your bottom line.

The Optima NMS. Ready-to-go out of the box.

Ordering / Documentation

Part Numbers
3000-C020300A Optima NMS Current Release
3000-L225001A Optima NMS 25 Node License
3000-L225002A Optima NMS 50 Node License
3000-L225003A Optima NMS 100 Node License
3000-L225004A Optima NMS 200 Node License
3000-L225006A Optima NMS 500 Node License
3000-L225007A Optima NMS 1,000 Node License
3000-L225009A Optima NMS 5,000 Node License
3000-L225010A Optima NMS 10,000 Node License
3000-L225000A Optima NMS Unlimited Nodes License
5000-E400002A Optima Customer Support Service – NMS 1 Year Subscription
5000-E400004A Optima Customer Support Service – NMS 2 Years Subscription

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