Monitor The World

High Accuracy Environmental Sensors

Optima’s enviroSENSOR™ OneWire digital sensors are a line of compact, easy to deploy environmental sensors.

Operating on a unique digital bus comprised of a single pair, it supports daisy chaining. This allows the installation of multiple sensors — even in demanding applications.

enviroSENSORS are compatible with a variety of Optima RTU controllers. They support alarming on one or multiple thresholds within their operating ranges.

Tired of setting thermostats?

Automate Your Environment

Go Digital

Ditching flaky mercury switches has never been easier. Our sensors can automate environmental controls in remote sites. Reduce truck-rolls and time consuming site visits using enviroSENSORS — the smart, modern way to sense.

Thresholds & Alarms

Experience programming flexibility when combined with our controllers.

Logging & Reporting

enviroSENSORS make far-off, hidden events visible and manageable.


Wire in new sensors any time. No need to take existing ones off-line.

Digital Sensors

Digital technology means precision results every time.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions:

    17.75 mm x 35 mm x 52.25 mm
    0.699 ” x 1.378 ” x 2.057 “

  • Weight:

    15.5 g
    0.034 lbs

  • Mounting:

    Supports tabletop, shelf and wall mounting

  • Housing:

    Black ABS

  • Input:

    Parasitic Power Delivered Via OneWire Bus

  • Temperature:

    -55 °C to +125 °C
    -67 °F to +257 °F
    (Measurement Range)

  • Humidity:

    Up to 80 % relative humidity
    (non-condensing, for operation only)

  • Protocol:

    OneWire with Parasitic Power

  • Connector:

    2 screw terminals (3.5 mm)

Technical Specifications


Part Numbers
2000-H230011B Optima enviroSENSOR — Temperature/Indoor
2000-H230012A Optima enviroSENSOR — Temperature/Outdoor


Specifications subject to change without prior written notice. All referenced trade names are either trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.


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