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Professional Grade

A Platform For Managing Your T:LAN/RIO

RCC is a program designed to manage and maintain Optima products. It features an easy-to-use, uncluttered user interface.

The RCC provides you with all the necessary tools to unlock the true potential of each T:LAN/RIO model.

Maintain All From Mission Control

Guide & Command

Some of the tasks that RCC can be utilized for:

  • Remote supervision & monitoring,
  • Deployment control,
  • Real-time configuration changes,
  • Automation & scripting,
  • Launchpad for 3rd party programs,
  • Priority override roll-outs,
  • Firmware update scheduling.

All carried out from one convenient, central location. This eliminates the need to dispatch technicians to the far corners of your network.

RCC lets you perform routine system upgrades at any time. Or carry out status checks whenever required. Not when site techs might be available. Or when they finally reach a remote site.

Elevate Your Network

Making Updates a Snap

RCC makes the process of upgrading T:LANs installed in the field fast and easy. It provides concise information about each unit’s current status. It lists location name, OS level, hardware revision, installed options, and a timestamp of the last OS update.

This lets you schedule remote upgrades when required. Upgrading a single unit or an entire batch of units is fast.

This minimizes the impact of any upgrades. And allows you to always keep your entire network running like clockwork.

Managing Third-Party Legacy Equipment

No More Headaches

Connect your third-party legacy equipment to the serial ports of any field deployed T:LAN. Then use RCC to gain remote access. Work with devices that were never designed to be managed across IP networks.

Makes maintaining your network simple. Use the RCC as your launchpad to quickly start 3rd party applications at the touch of a button.

One more example of how Optima’s Integrated Networking saves you time and money.


The Day

Monitor From Afar

Spot Troubles Early

RCC lets you manage smaller deployments without extensive network monitoring systems. Just enable the alarms notification features for each unit you want to keep an eye on.

An ‘all green’ indicator will tell you at a glance which units are running fine. So you can concentrate your attention on those that really need it.

Backups For Peace Of Mind

Configuration Management

RCC lets you store and manage your configuration profiles in one central location.

It provides you with a backup of all relevant settings. That is why RCC helps increase the reliability of your network.

Always There

When You Need It

Each T:LAN comes with a free copy of RCC. No matter where you have to install one, you always get a free RCC license to go with it.

An easy way for managing at any scale. From a few local sites to nation-wide deployments. RCC is the all-in-one tool to keep your Optima products shipshape and up-to-date.

RCC – Unique Features

RCC Offers So Much More Than Just A Standard User Interface Tool:

Data Uplinks / Downlinks

Offers flexible screen scraping and data extraction options with advanced scripting commands.

Complex CSV Processing

Shuttles data between T:LAN/RIO units and your spreadsheets.

Action Pipeline

Sends your actions to multiple units at once. Saves time and cuts down on repetitions.

Keep A Finger On The Pulse

Provides QuickAlerts for instant read-outs. Keeps you informed about real-time events throughout the network.

Spot Trouble Early

Highlights developing issues using dashboards — so you can be pro-active.

Device List. Checked.

Uses device list management to keep even large deployments under control.

Log Browsing

Allows perusing and searching the entire recorded events history with the built-in log browsers.

Needle In The Haystack

Helps pin point units with extensive search features. Then drill down to find the right one among thousands.

Manage All Your Drives

Manages virtual RTU drives with ease. Distributes files or collects statistics via drag & drop.

Schedule OS Updates

Schedules OS updates when the network is least busy. Plan your roll-out. Then sit back and watch it go to work.

Client & Server

Works with RCS (Remote Commander Server). Functions even if the server might be temporarily off-line.

Launching Applications

Manages ecoLOGIC SE application updates. Works on a single or multiple units simultaneously.

Standard & Secure Modes

Uses role based credentials for differentiated access and increased security. Supports audit trails.

Optima Port Lock

Locks/Unlocks LAN or Serial ports in Secure Mode depending on user privileges.

Works Online Or Offline

Stand-alone operation in Secure Mode when RCS or remote site might be off-line.

Listening To You

Listening to our customers has a long tradition at Optima. We value your feedback and suggestions.
And we aim to improve our product offerings by continuously pushing at the boundaries.
Many times our customers provide the initial idea. A spark, which we then turn into some of the most useful or outstanding product features.
Ask for a demo today. We can tailor a presentation to focus on your current needs or particulars.
RCC. Truly universal.

A Platform
For Success

Ordering / Documentation

Part Numbers
3000-C020100A Optima RCC Current Release
3000-L200001A Optima RCC Unlimited Node License

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