• Access Control

    For all sites

Real-Time Monitoring

Keep An Eye On Your Sites

Optima’s SAM Application handles physical site security and alarming.

It automatically arms/disarms a site when authorized personnel enter or leave.

The app sends real-time SNMP alarm notifications to the NOC (Network Operations Center). SAM relays the current state of the remote site.

Rings bells and raises alarms when illegal activities are detected.

Get Notified.

Know what is going on.
Right when it happens.

Smart Sensors

Real-Time Readings

SAM can be configured to monitor:

  • door contacts,
  • digital door locks,
  • access control devices,
  • door handle contacts,
  • motion sensors,
  • light sensors,
  • infra-red beams,
  • surveillance camera alarm outputs,
  • exit buttons,
  • smoke detectors, and
  • temperature sensors.

It takes all these inputs and reports on expected state transitions (those caused by actions of authorized operator personnel).

It also reports unexpected state transitions (like those caused by break-ins, theft, vandalism or intrusions).

Intelligent Processing In Each Site

Timing All Actions

The app uses many flexible timers to automate most site operations. Repetitive and often forgotten technician tasks are reduced. Or in some cases completely eliminated.

This improves overall site security. It also reduces false alarms and thus lowers the cost of follow-up procedures.

SAM’s aim is to returns sites to the armed state sooner. It detects and reports illegal activities earlier and with increased confidence.

Easy On The Budget

Rapid Deployment

SAM lowers the cost of deploying an access control solution. It does this by leveraging existing assets. Simply connect a minimum of external hardware.

Then run the app on top of the Optima T:LAN platform. Done!

The Best App For The Job

Better Security.

SAM is the perfect upgrade for your existing Optima equipment. It is site access monitoring done right.

Integrated. Dependable. Quick. Talk to us to discuss how SAM can help you solve your site security issues.

Ordering / Documentation

Part Numbers
3000-C030100A OPTIMA ecoLOGIC Script Engine License Current Release
3000-T560002A Optima SAM Application License Current Release

Specifications subject to change without prior written notice. All referenced trade names are either trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.


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