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The Optima License Server is an on-premises Windows® operating system based server application for administering and monitoring Optima product licenses across company networks. Licenses are distributed using a floating license model.


Enterprise Customers


Server/Web based


October 2018


Automate More

Licensed products connect to OLS via secure HTTPS connections.

An auto-discovery process allows these clients to find OLS instances on the local network.

This eliminates the need to manually configure every unit.

OLS servers can work in a group, ensuring smooth hand-overs so none of your Optima products will miss a beat.

Enterprise Ready

Harden your network by running multiple OLS servers simultaneously. This provides a safe-fail mechanism and improves availability.

Licenses can still be served even if the primary OLS server might be down.

And best of all, OLS servers synchronize automatically. So you can stop worrying. You no longer need to keep things in sync the old-fashioned way.


Centralized Management

Eliminate duplication. Manage all your licenses for Optima products from one central location.

Usage Tracking, Logging And Reporting

OLS tracks the current licenses in use, as well as the usage history. OLS administrators always have a quick way to check on current licenses and their usage. OLS automatically logs all license activities to allow for easy reviews and capacity planning.¹

License Administration and Deployment

OLS offers web based administration tools to easily deploy new licenses, or update existing ones.


Supports Different License Types

OLS offers permanent, trial or time-limited licenses to accomodate a wide variety of licenses required to either use, deploy or evaluate Optima products.

Email Notification

OLS allows mail server configuration to notify administrators on important events such as license expiry or primary/secondary server cycling.

Failover Support

OLS supports redundant server configurations to cater to clients seamlessly when the primary server is down.

Ready For The Cloud
And Virtual Servers

End Dongle Disasters

OLS eliminates the hassles associated with hardware keys. Never hunt for that elusive USB dongle again. OLS also puts an end to admin headaches — so you can stop trying to solve those pesky USB access problems. Containers or virtual machines are no longer a problem.
The Right Approach
For Today’s Networks

A Better Licensing Solution

OLS reduces the administrative overhead and packs improved management tools. It is mobile friendly, offers auto-discovery and self-synchronizing backup servers. All around, a modern enterprise-grade solution — for all your Optima licensing needs.
Mobile Ready

Works Remotely.
From Anywhere.

Whether you are logging in via your smartphone or with your desktop browser, OLS is always at your fingertips. Ready when you are.
OLS was designed from the ground up to be responsive, mobile ready and secure. It employs all the latest standards and technologies to deliver a seamless, easy-to-use experience.

Talk To Us

Get all the details or a personal tour. Whether you need questions answered or want to trial OLS, we would be delighted to demonstrate how easy OLS can be integrated into your network.

Ordering / Documentation

Part Numbers
3000-C020540A Optima OLS Current Release
5000-E400010A Optima Customer Support Service – OLS 1 Year Subscription
5000-E400012A Optima Customer Support Service – OLS 2 Years Subscription


Specifications subject to change without prior written notice. All referenced trade names are either trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.


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