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A Flexible Management
And Control Platform


The T:LAN NetPro LAN/WAN interconnect system is a series of integrated networking products from Optima.

It incorporates features of a multi-port Ethernet switch/router, an alarm aggregator and a console server.

Some models also feature a traditional T1/E1 CSU, alongside a mini-DACS with optional path protection.



Optima’s universal access platform is cost effective, scalable, and highly reliable.

It has become an industry standard — a workhorse for remote LAN access, legacy communications, running apps and managing alarms.

Tino Petrossi, VP Sales & Marketing



T:LAN facilitates management and supervisory control of multi-vendor equipment. Throughout the network — in central offices, co-locations, substations, CEV’s, cellular, microwave radio, and point-of-presence sites.

Each unit comes ready-to-go out of the box.

Rack-Mount &

Eliminate Truck Rolls

T:LAN NetPro is the ideal toolbox on may levels. Foremost, it extends communication access to remote facilities.

Yet it also streamlines network element management and improves network surveillance. It provides alarms back-haul and speeds up equipment provisioning.

But best of all, it facilitates far side console/TELNET access for all your field technicians and engineers.

Choose Your Topology

A modern and efficient architecture ensures high data throughput and reliability. Unique packet filtering and switching features allow T:LAN to be deployed in various topologies, including point-to-point, point-to-multi point, linear networks and path protected rings.

No matter whether your network infrastructure is based on Ethernet or T1/E1/microwave radio, we provide the perfect fit.


Choose Ethernet,
T1/E1, Or Both:


Auto-Sensing Ethernet Switch With QoS

Switched Ethernet ports keep local traffic from clogging your WAN pipes and eating up valuable bandwidth.

Auto-sensing 10BaseT/100BaseTX ports support priority handling and tagging to help extend QoS features right out to the edge of your network.

Locking Down Your Ports

Optima’s OPL (port locking technology) lets you finely control who can gain access to your network and where they can go from there.


Maximizing Your DS0’s

Optima’s T:LAN efficiently combines IP traffic from multiple sources into one or more DS0s. This not only preserves bandwidth but also frees up resources that can be used to carry actual voice streams and generate revenue.

Mini DACS Facilitates Voice+Data Applications

Minimize costs and combine voice and data traffic over the same T1/E1. The built-in Mini-T1/E1 DACS provides n x DS0 cross connects between the two T1/E1 ports.

This allows the T:LAN to add/drop IP packets at each location while forwarding non-IP or dedicated voice traffic. An optional relay bypass module protects your primary path in case of any failures.

Stay Connected To Your Network

Technicians out in the field can use any of the available Ethernet ports to connect to the corporate network. This makes it easy to file their logs, access new work orders, or simply checking corporate e-mail on the go.

Your field personnel gains access the required information in a snap. Without costly dial-up charges or having to go though old-fashioned access servers. Saves time and money.

Console Server For Legacy Systems

T:LAN even lets you access equipment that was never designed to be remotely managed via IP. Whether you consider it a convenience or a lifesaver, the built-in serial/terminal access server will help you when it counts the most.

Even proprietary software which usually connects to serial ports right on site can be used remotely. Gain freedom. Do  more.

Collect Alarms.
Manage Remotely.

Back-hauling of alarms, network surveillance and remote equipment management are fundamental. To any well run modern network.

This is where our focus on integrated networking pays off. Do it all with one integrated solution: T:LAN NetPro Series.

Be In Two Places At Once

Reverse-TELNET and Optima’s Serial Data Conduit over IP (SDCoIP) technology are the perfect tools offered by T:LAN units to help you manage your network.

Especially during crunch times or when you may have to administer your equipment from opposite ends of the network.

Gain Complete Network Element Visibility

Turning up new sites has never been easier. Activate Optima’s LinkGuard to monitor your circuits. Or use Optima’s flexible alarm reporting to pinpoint trouble spots early.

Get complete coverage and a concise overview of the state of your network by deploying T:LAN wherever you grow your infrastructure.

Compact And Flexible

The compact 1U design is ideal even when T:LANs need to be deployed in space-constrained racks. Each unit comes with an flexible, ultra-wide power input. Our units are known for their extra low overall power consumption.

A welcome relief for any power and cooling system. Especially for those already taxed in over-crowed sites.

Green DNA

We really opened up the T:LAN platform by adding the ability to run a multitude of applications. This pushes business intelligence gathering to the network’s edge. We collect and process information where it counts. Right at the source. No more overloaded server tasks.

The integrated ecoLOGIC® Script Engine implements a complete eco app environment. Optimized to deliver the best performance. And it shines when bringing hidden far-off processes to light.

A complete management suite from Optima makes deployment a snap. We support long established industry standards — for example MODBUS (on the sensor side), or SNMP (on the back-end). That makes it easy to run our apps in your network.

Advanced ecoLOGIC Features

Report Network Performance

Know what your network is doing at all times.

Collect Vital Network Statistics

Gather and log all your network metrics.

Listen To The Network’s Pulse

Collect and process network alarm and surveillance data.


Process A Multitude Of Sensor Inputs

Process crucial environmental sensor data.

Remote Control Equipment

Remotely manage 3rd party devices with confidence.

Monitor And Log Everything Else

Monitor legacy power, security & transmission devices.

Turn Your Network Into A Greener Network

Use T:LANs to monitor and shift energy usage based on time-of-day rules.

Accurately track network performance over time. Fine-tune GENSET operations. Drive down diesel fuel consumption. Optimize HVAC operations. Keep an eye on the health of all your battery banks.

Let us show you how to turn your network into a greener more efficient network.

Backed Up By Solid Support

At Optima we stand behind our products. We will do our  best to provide you with prompt and knowledgeable support. Please feel free to  discuss your requirements with our support staff. 

Call us if you are seeking help about the T:LAN NetPro. Or if you simply want to talk to us about your unique application. We know how to listen  and are ready to offer our expert advice.

Technical Specifications

Size (HxWxD) 4.45cm x 44.45cm x 15.24cm (1.75″ x 17.5″ x 6.0″)
Weight 2.3 kg (5.0 lbs)
Mounting 1 RU, fits standard 19″/23″ racks, rack-mount (flush/offset/center), table top/shelf mounting, wall mounting
DC Input Redundant, wide ranging, 18VDC to 60VDC, positive or negative
Less than 7 Watts
Connector Dual 3 position (+/-/FGND), Tyco MATE’N’LOK™, latched
Indicators Power LED
AC Input
AC/DC Adapter Option) 
Universal input, 90-264VAC, 40 Watts output
Temperature  0 to 50ºC (32 to 122ºF)  
Humidity Up to 80% relative humidity (non-condensing)  
DS1 Interfaces
Line Rate 1.544 Mbps, ±32ppm
Fractional n x 64kbps, n x 56kbps
Line Code AMI, B8ZS
Framing FT, D3/D4, ESF, SLC96
Impedance 100 ohms (Balanced)
0 to -36.0dB
Short Haul (DSX-1 655ft), Long Haul (DS1 6000ft)
0 to -22.5dB in 7.5dB steps
Clocking Internal, Loop Recovered
Loopbacks CSU Loopback codes, Line Loopback, Payload Loopback
Fail-Over Signal Bypass WAN 1 To WAN 2 (only available on Dual T1/E1 WAN models)
Connectors  2x RJ45
Indicators Sync, Loopback, Loss of Signal (LOS), Remote Alarm Indication (RAI)
LAN Interfaces
Type Switched Auto-Sensing, 10-BaseT, 100-BaseTX, Auto MDI/MDI-X
IEEE802.1Q, port based VLANs
Transport IEEE802.3 traffic, VLAN trunks, ISL, IP/non-IP based protocols
Connectors  4x RJ45
(Per Port)
Rx/Tx Activity/Link, Full Duplex/Collision, Speed (10/100)
Serial Interfaces
Front Panel Port  Local/Craft RS-232 Interface
Connector DB9(S)
Configuration 600 to 19.2kBaud, 5 to 8 data bits, 1/2 stop bits, no/odd/even parity, no flow control
Back Panel Ports  RS-232 Serial Interface
Connectors 4x RJ45
Configuration 150 to 115200 Baud, 5 to 8 data bits, 1/2 stop bits, no/odd/even parity, no flow control
Expansion (Option) Externally expandable up to 20 ports via SPX modules
Alarm I/O
Contact Inputs 32 Contact Inputs, ground referenced, triggered by switching to ground or applying a negative voltage (up to -60VDC)
Relay Outputs 3, Form A, 60V 500mA maximum
Analog Inputs 4 Analog Inputs, 2 at ±64VDC (125mV resolution), 2 at ±6.4VDC (12.5mV resolution)
Power Outputs (For External Devices) 2 12VDC Power Outputs (100mA each)
OneWire Interface 1 OneWire Interface for External Remote Temperature Sensors
Connector 2 DB-25 (female)
Power Monitoring Integrated A and B DC Power Supply Input Monitoring (8mV resolution)
External Alarm Expansion (RIO Modules)
Connector RJ45
Expansion Daisy-chain up to 3 external RIO modules.
Modem (Option)
Type V.92
Speed Up to 56,000bps
Connector   RJ45
Type RFCs
DHCP RFC1534/2131-2132
IP RFC791/894/950/919/1122
NTP/SNTP  RFC1305/2030
PPP RFC 1321/1332/1334/1471/1638/1661-1662/1841/1994/2878
SNMP RFC1067/1089/1155-1157/1212-1213/1215/1493/1643/1905-1907/2495
TCP RFC793/813/879/2018
TELNET RFC854/856/857/858
User Interface
Built-in TELNET, VT-100, menu driven,
embedded on-line help
Windows   RCC (Remote Commander Client)
Safety and Regulatory Approvals
Type Standard
UL 60950 3rd Edition
CSA CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 60950-00
IE IEC 60950
FCC FCC 47 CFR Part 15,
FCC 47 CFR Part 68
ETSI EN 300-386-21997,
EN 550221998
CE CE-Mark

Ordering / Documentation

Part Numbers
1000-A030101F Optima NetPro – LAN only
1000-A030102F Optima NetPro – LAN only + MODBUS option
1000-A030106F Optima NetPro – LAN only + Modem option
1000-A030101E * Optima NetPro – LAN only
1000-A030102E * Optima NetPro – LAN only + MODBUS option
1000-A030106E * Optima NetPro – LAN only + Modem option
1000-A050101D ** Optima NetPro – Single T1/E1
1000-A050102D ** Optima NetPro – Single T1/E1 + MODBUS option
1000-A050106D ** Optima NetPro – Single T1/E1 + Modem option
1000-A070101D ** Optima NetPro – Dual T1/E1
1000-A070102D ** Optima NetPro – Dual T1/E1 + MODBUS option
1000-A070106D ** Optima NetPro – Dual T1/E1 + Modem option
2000-H100001A AC Adapter

*  = End Of Production: 2022. Not recommended for new orders.
**= End Of Production: 2021. Not recommended for new orders.

Specifications subject to change without prior written notice. All referenced trade names are either trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.