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Our Biggest Release Yet

Optima Remote Commander V 3.11

We Listened To Your Feedback

50+ New & Improved Features

The Optima RCC V3.11 is a Windows® operating system based client for administering and monitoring Optima products.
And we are proud to share this latest version with you.
It is the result of a series of long collaborations with some of our most loyal customers.
Optima’s development team added many new innovative features. Along the way we also integrated a whole list of valuable suggestions and feedback.
Together, we transformed RCC into a true launchpad for your daily missions. Check out a all the new features, upgrades and improvements we have put together in this little tour.

All Optima Customers

Software Service Subscription required


Client/Windows based


Via Optima Cloud Storage


V 3.11


  • Better, more consistent responses when working with remote T:LAN units
  • Now supports T:LAN User Session Data forwarding to RCS
    Reduced frequency of “Data packet out of order” situations
  • Streamlined SEND CONFIGURATION timing prevents timeouts with a number of T:LAN OS versions
  • Supports “PROPRIETARY” option of T:LAN Ethernet Port Connectivity (EPC) Records
  • Optional RCC AUTO-CLOSE after a period of user inactivity
  • Supports duplicating SECURED device list entries on local list to improve customizations
  • Auto-refreshes T:LAN FILE BROWSER directory listing before performing user actions
  • Sending arbitrary T:LAN CONFIGURATION FILES now preserves IP, MASK & GATEWAY settings in destination T:LAN
  • Relaxed timeouts when uploading AUTO-START ecoLOGIC Application container files
  • Improved OPTIMA PROTOCOL handling



  • New user configurable setting supports sending a T:LAN CONFIGURATION FILE to multiple units at once
  • Supports faster RCS logins
  • Allows RCS LOGINS using same user credentials on multiple concurrent instances of RCC
  • Supports sending ecoLOGIC applications to multiple units
  • Supports SECURE LOGIN to T:LAN units running OS versions below BN6693
  • Allows sending terminal screen contents (during script recording/playback) to an external file
  • Hitting maximum failed login attempts prompts RCC to collect required information to request a one-time login override
  • Improved FILE BROWSERS (lower network port usage)
  • Improved hardware options display lets users quickly identify deployed T:LAN hardware variants
  • Higher rate of successful GET CONFIGURATION operations

New Features

  • Added RCC version indicator in main window title for easy idetification
  • Added new status bar at bottom of application window to show RCS login status, network ports useage
  • Added option to select the location of ROMFILE XML file in the ROM IMAGE ASSIGNMENTS DIALOG
  • Added new “Server Logout” entry in TOOLS menu
    Added ‘GET CONFIGURATION’ to T:LAN/RIO right-click context menu
  • Added ‘View RIO EVENT LOG’ to the RIO right-click context menu



  • Added ‘Upload File to…’ to T:LAN right-click context menu
  • Added “Clear RIO Event Log” to the RIO right-click context menu
  • Added prompt when the maximum number of open windows has been reached
  • Added new column to device list: T:LAN PCB REVISION
  • Added “T:LAN Configuration File Cleaner” command to the TOOLS menu
  • Added new column to device list: ecoLOGIC App shows currently running app name and version

Optima Port Lock

  • Improved OPL handling
  • RCC now passes host proxy settings to T:LAN when issuing OPL commands
  • Supports updated OPL Server Records Files (Version 1B)
  • Automatically forwards RCC host IP address change notifications to T:LANs in OPL mode



  • Improved start-up: SECURE DEVICE LIST now starts with all expandable nodes in closed states
  • Increased OPL Security with the use of OPL TOKENS
  • Refreshes OPL states right after T:LAN OS UPDATES or T:LAN SEND CONFIGURATION
  • Reserves dedicated network ports to guarantee trouble free OPL KEEP-ALIVE operation


  • Fixed RCS SERVER LOGIN failures when attempting to load large device lists (7000+ units)
  • Fixed RCC exception caused by shutting down RCC right after loading large SECURED device lists
  • Fixed issue which prevented RCC from logging into older RCS versions
  • Fixed visual issue with upload progress bar when dragging/dropping a file to multiple FILE BROWSER windows
  • Fixed issue with exporting SECURED DEVICE LIST to CSV file



  • Fixed misleading ‘NOT ENOUGH SPACE’ warning when replacing files on T:LAN drives
  • Fixed RESCAN ERROR after RCS LOGIN with only a BACKUP SERVER defined
  • Fixed timeouts caused by certain multi-port OPL UNLOCK commands
  • No longer restricts KICK REMOTE USER to higher or same access level in SECURE MODE
  • Correctly identifies T:LAN Rev.4D MODBUS option in corresponding device list column

Push Applications To The Edge

Manage Your ecoApps

RCC V3.11 contains new features designed to make working with ecoApps fast. And more efficient. Whether you need to administer a single site or a whole group, pushing apps to the edge has never been easier.
End repetitive logging in and out of units to check on installed versions. You can now keep an eye on the type and version of apps you deployed. Refer to the new ecoSENTRY App column for a complete listing of your app inventory.
Improved User Tools

Better For Groups

RCC V3.11 packs improved features that make working in groups easier. Log into the RCS, download your personal device lists.
Whether complex or large, we have sped up the handling of mid- to large scale deployments. This lets you concentrate on what’s important: your equipment, your sites.
RCC now supports multiple instances and concurrent logins. Log in and out of the RCS at any time. Makes working in groups a breeze.
Stand-Alone or Server Log-In

Works Remotely. Anywhere. Anytime.

RCC works. Whether you are logging in via the Remote Commander Server. Or when you fire up your own local copy on your laptop.

RCC is your launchpad for your daily missions. No matter from where you need to manage your Optima units. RCC can act as your gatekeeper when running in SECURE MODE. And it always provides just the right tool set for the job at hand.

Get Your Copy

Subscribers to our premium Customer Service Programs can head on over to the Optima Cloud Storage.

The latest version is ready for download. Grab your official release of the Optima RCC V3.11 today!

Ordering / Documentation

Part Numbers
3000-C020100A Optima RCC Current Release
3000-L200001A Optima RCC Unlimited Node License

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