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Optima Remote Commander Client V3.12 Released

Optima is proud to announce the availability of the RCC (Remote Commander Client) V3.12  release.

This official April 2024 edition incorporates the following changes and updates:

Enhancements and New Features

Ref. #Description
007-012-12 Preserves location and GEO location data when sending TLAN configuration files
007-012-13Uses HTTPS requests for RIO xR3 probing
007-012-14Adds support for T:LAN PCB Revision 4F units
007-012-16Reports script recording and playback actions using device log entries
Replaces previous serial redirection component with HHD Software VSPT
007-012-17Updates Serial Redirection Setup dialogue
007-012-18Allows previewing of pre-recorded scripts via View Script… entry on right-click pop-up menu
Starting today, Optima Customer Service Program subscribers can download the RCC V3.12 from the Optima Cloud Storage system.
Ralf Doewich

Optima, Inc.

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