DC Input

Powering Up.

Technical Specifications

DC Input
    • Type:

      DC Input

    • Range:

      10 to 36Vdc, max. 2A

    • Connector:

      2-position screw terminals (5 mm)

    • Type:

      Backup Battery

    • Battery:

      23 Wh, Li-Ion (internal)

    • Runtime:

      72 h on backup battery
      depending on load and conditions

  • Type:

    DC Output

  • Power:

    24Vdc, max. 420mA (10W),
    surge protected

  • Monitoring:

    Continuous load monitor (current and voltage)
    Auto-shutdown with user selectable overcurrent levels

  • Connector:

    1 set of 4-position screw terminals (3.5 mm)

Technical Specifications
Supervised Power Delivery

DC Input

Designed for 12Vdc or 24Vdc cell sites, the xR3 accepts DC supplies in the range of 10 to 36Vdc. Maximum power draw is 2A @ 17Vdc.

DC Input

Controlled & Monitored

Hooking up power is easy. Just connect the RIO xR3 to a nominal 12 or 24Vdc supply. It will accept anything in the range from 10Vdc to 36Vdc.

The unit constantly monitors the DC input voltage and the current consumption of the actively running system (and attached devices).

It protects the system from reverse polarity, over voltage protection under voltage lockout.

  • I/Os

    1 DC Input

    1 Grounding Screw

  • Connectors

    1 x 2 position

  • Pluggable


  • Type
    Screw Terminal
  • Pitch

    5 mm


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