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Outdoor Wireless for IoT

Technical Specifications

  • Frequencies:

    700-2200 MHz LTE
    For Canada
    LTE-M: B2,B4,B5,B12,B13,B17,B66
    NB-IoT: B4,B12,B13,B66

  • Compliance:

    3GPP LTE Release 13 Cat-M1
    and Cat-NB1,
    3GPP LTE Release 14 Cat-NB1
    and Cat-NB2 compliant

  • Sensitivity:

    -108dBm (LTE-M),
    -114dBm (NB-IoT)

  • Output power:

    up to +23 dBm

  • Antenna:

    External (50 ohm)

  • SIM Slot:

    2 Nano

  • Certifications:

    Europe (CE),
    Canada (ISED),
    Australia (ACMA, RCM),
    Singapore (IMDA),
    Japan (MIC),
    Taiwan (NCC),
    Korea (MSIP),
    Global (GCF, PTCRB certified)

  • Connector:

    1 SMA(F)

Technical Specifications


Global telecom players are redefining the role of their edge networks. They are retooling them to deliver more than just 5G.

RIO xR3’s are designed to be the IoT telemetry and alarm handling units of choice. Their compact footprint and high integration make them ideal when it comes to sites that are far off the beaten track.

LTE-M/NB-IoT connections can play a vital role in reaching places where no other wired, fiber or microwave connection is available. As long as cell coverage exists, the M.2 modem inside the RIO xR3 can provide the necessary connectivity to facilitate remote monitoring.

Built In Reduncancy

Dual SIM Slots

Two SIM slots are provided for added robustness. This allows for switching plans or providers depending on availability, coverage, budget or schedules.

The nano SIM card garages are situated behind a monitored access cover for increased safety.

This keeps installation and replacement simple, yet can alert a central station when SIMs are removed or swapped out.



Wirelessly Linking Remote Sites

Permissible antenna gains (for Canada, in accordance with ISED):

  • B2

    9.0 dBi

  • B4

    6.0 dBi

  • B5

    7.1 dBi

  • B12

    6.6 dBi

  • B13

    6.9 dBi

  • B17

    6.6 dBi

  • B66

    6.0 dBi