Ethernet LAN/SFP

Plug & Go!

Technical Specifications


    • Type:


    • Quantity:


    • Features:

      Auto-MDIX, Auto-Negotiation,
      power savings mode

    • Connector:

      1 RJ45

    • Type:

      100Base SFP

    • Quantity:


    • Features:

      Supports wide variety of industry
      standard 100Base SFP modules

    • Connector:

      1 SFP cage

Technical Specifications


The RIO xR3 comes with a built-in 10BaseT/100BaseTX Ethernet/UTP port. This wired LAN port allows for fast, easy connections to local copper based networks.


  • Auto MDI/MDIX
  • Auto Negotiation
  • Auto Power Saving
  • IEEE802.3az based power saving
  • Active Power Management
  • Wake-On-LAN+
No Media Converter Required

100Base SFP

The integrated fiber port eliminates the need to deploy a separate media converter whenever fiber based connections are required. A wide variety of industry standard BiDi 100Base small form-factor pluggable (SFP) modules are supported. SFP modules are compact, hot-swappable network interface modules.

Always ensure that both ends of the fiber link are equipped with the same type of 100Base SFP module (for example 2 km SFP to 2 km SFP).

Note that when the SFP port is in use, the UTP port is disabled. Similarly, when the UTP port is in use, the SFP port is disabled. Only one of them can be active at any given time.

Both can be wired up (SFP module plugged in) and will be held in reset/stand-by state until one is chosen by the user to be the active port.


Unshielded Twisted Pair
  • Pin 1


  • Pin 2


  • Pin 3


  • Pin 4
  • Pin 5
  • Pin 6


  • Pin 7
  • Pin 8

100Base SFP

Fiber Interface
  • 100BASE-FX

    1310 nm, 2 km

  • 100BASE-LX

    1310 nm, 10 km

  • 100BASE-LX/LH

    1310 nm, 20 km

  • 100BASE-EX

    1310 nm, 40 km

  • 100BASE-ZX

    1550 nm, 80 km


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