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Data Logging & Redundancy

Technical Specifications

SD Card Slot

    • Type:

      SD Card

    • Quantity:


    • Capacity:

      up to 64GB

    • Connector:

      1 micro SD Card Slot,
      located under safety cover

Dual SIM Slots
  • Type:


  • Quantity:

    2, software selectable

  • Form Factor:

    nano SIM
    Optional: micro SIM, contact factory

  • Connector:

    2 nano SIM Garages,
    located under safety cover
    Optional: 2 micro SIM Garages,
    located under safety cover

Technical Specifications

Locate Access Cover

Look for the side of the unit where the access cover is located. You can find it right above the RESET button, SENSOR openings and USER button.

The cover is secured with two (alloy steel torx T8) screws, and lists the removal instructions for your convenience. Follow these three simple steps to gain access to the SD/SIM cards.

Read all the provided instructions first before proceeding.

Required tool: A Torx T8 bit or driver.

Step 1

Turn Screws CCW 1 Turn

Use a torx T8 screwdriver to loosen the two screws holding the access cover in place. Turn the screws marked A and B just one turn counter-clockwise.

Do not remove the screws completely. Access to the SD card and SIM card slots can be gained without completely removing either screw or the cover plate.

Following these simple instructions will avoid situations in which any of the small parts or hardware might get lost.


Step 2

Slide Cover As Indicated

Lightly push or slide the access cover over in the direction indicated by the arrow.

If the unit has been mounted horizontally (table top, shelf), slide the cover to the left. For wall-mounted units: slide the cover downwards.

Make sure the cover completely slides out from under screw B.

Step 3

Rotate Cover For Access

Next, rotate the cover in the direction indicated by the arrow.

If the units has been mounted horizontally (table top, shelf), rotate the cover down. For wall-mounted units, rotate the cover to the right.

After servicing the SD card or SIM cards, do not forget to retrace your steps and put the access cover back in place. Leaving the cover open may cause an alarm.

SD Card

Use only micro-SD Type cards

SIM Cards

Use only nano-SIM Type cards