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Optima NEXUS nano

A New

Optima’s Most Advanced
Solution For Critical
Infrastructure Management

Remote Commander
Server 2018 Update

RCS V1.10

Our Latest Edition Packs More than 65
New and Improved Features

A Modern Approach To Licensing

Optima License Server

Web Based. Mobile Friendly. Secure.

50+ New & Improved Features


See Our Biggest Release Yet.

Quick & Easy.

T:LAN NetPro

Integrated Networking Equipment from Optima.

Use Optima’s Green DNA To

Green Your

Reach Far Off Places.

Optima AERO

3G/4G/5G Cellular Router/Gateway

Manage Your Network. Quicker.

Optima NMS

Hit The Ground Running.

Optima ecoSENTRY App


Complete Facility Monitoring Made Easy.

Remote Commander Client

Optima RCC

The Launchpad For Your Daily Missions.

Optima RCS – Centralized Intelligence.

Mine Your Data

Automate, Secure, Report & Manage.
All From One Central Spot.

Turning Remote
Into Oppor­tunity


Digital networks are evolving fast, continuously unlocking new market segments and lucrative services. To prosper, companies must be nimble and deploy the most efficient network strategies.

From start-up to stalwart, each must take advantage of the latest advances. Only those who do will be able to meet the demands of today’s growing customer base.

More than ever companies seek to develop new strategic revenue streams. This is where Optima can help.

Optima has stood for integrated networking for almost 20 years. We make instant access happen. We turn remote into opportunity. Let us show you how.

Tino Petrossi, VP Sales & Marketing

What We Do

Our Main Focus

For almost two decades Optima has been known for exceptional quality and dependability.




Our products save you valuable time and money. We excel at combining traditionally separate roles and functions into one.


Reduce time spent sitting behind windshields. Eliminate truck rolls. Use our remote access technology to get there faster.

& Alarms

We push intelligent applications right to the edge of the network. Our solutions help you spot and manage trouble early.



Know your network.
In an instant.


Optima created a new set of OMNI ZOOM web based dashboards. It enhances insight into all aspects of the ecoSENTRY monitoring operation — and provides our customers with the best business intelligence possible.

Now my office really fits in my pocket. This lets me generate reports right from my smartphone. Anytime. Which is perfect for me. Since I am always on the move.

Ruby McAdams — Telecom Executive 


What We Do

Optima services

Our team is what stands behind our reputation. And as a team, we are ready to support you.

Product Training & Seminars

Optima offers instructor led training, hands-on seminars for all customers.

Dashboard Design & Reports

We can customize our dashboards and reports or create new unique designs.

Custom Solutions & Applications

Looking for a unique solution? Talk to us and we will find the perfect fit.
A whole spectrum of


Serving You Better

Optima’s level of service goes beyond mere satisfaction. We value our on-going relationship with our customers. Optima diligently tracks the performance record of all offerings.

And we strive to offer the kind of personal attention that will leave you feeling secure — that qualified technical support is only a phone call or e-Mail away.

Click on the following links to find out more about the custom engineering services we offer:


Planning &
Site Surveys

Kitting &


Server Specs
& Installation


Updates &

Boost Your Produc­tivity

At Optima we truly believe in the Integrated Networking concept. Every day we combine local and wide area networks technologies into one.

You reap the benefits from streamlined networks, a cleaner architecture and lower cost-of-ownership.

Optima offers us a unique ecosystem. All the components come from one source. And they just work.

Christoph Wendel, Telecom Carrier – Field Operations