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ecoSENTRY: Adding Support For Prime Power

Starting with ecoSENTRY V3.08C, the application is now compatible with a number of prime power sites

, which feature:

  • A dual tank setup with the large capacity main storage tank (usually outdoors) and a smaller day tank (usually located indoors).
  • The use of a fuel transfer pump to transfer fuel from the main storage tank to the day tank.
  • A current transducer to generate the proper fuel pump feedback signal.

Prime Power Applications

The operation of the ecoSENTRY app changes once the user defines the FUEL TRANSFER PUMP contact input. It supplies the fuel transfer pump running/off signal to the application.

Leave this setting at the default value of 0 for regular backup power sites.

Ensure that it points to the correct RIO discrete contact input for prime power sites.

In prime power sites, only the main storage tank is instrumented with a fuel sensor. The ecoSENTRY application will monitor:

  • Fuel level in main storage tank.
  • Fuel fill/loss events at the main storage tank.
  • Running time of the fuel transfer pump (based on current transducer feedback).
  • Running time of the GENSET.
  • Volume of fuel pumped during each fuel transfer event.
  • Hourly rate of fuel consumption of the GENSET (based on GENSET running time and volume of fuel transfers during certain intervals).
Photo Credit: Steve Halama on Unsplash
Ralf Doewich

Optima, Inc.

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