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ecoSENTRY V3.15C Released

Optima has just released Version 3.15C of the Optima ecoSENTRY application. We have also published the October 2018 edition of the Optima ecoSENTRY Release Notes.


  • SNMP COUNTERS: ecoSENTRY no longer increments the GENSET RUNS instead of GENSET FAILS counter at the end of a GENSET FAIL event.
  • LOGS: added anti-tamper protection


The application has been hardened, making it more difficult to tamper with ecoSENTRY installations. At the same time SNMP dashboard support has been improved.


No wiring or physical installation changes are required to enable the new features incorporated into the V3.15C release.


Authorized users can now download their own copies via the Optima Cloud Storage. The latest version of the ecoSENTRY Release Notes can be found in the same directory.

Ralf Doewich

Optima, Inc.

Application, Configuration, Software, Tech Tips

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