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OMNI ZOOM Dashboard Updates

After first unveiling the OMNI ZOOM dasbhoards in early December 2017, we have been busy. We’ve continued to develop our BI dashboard solution. And are proud to announce the latest updates:
  • Top Level Overview, and
  • a modern, light dashboard theme.
Above: The Top Level Overview provides a comparative view of the current health status of your sites. Get to see the trouble spots in your network at a glance. Then drill directly down to to the issues by clicking on the itemized issues list.
For the biggest impact, sites with issues turn red. Sites that are performing well stay green. Sites that are off-line or not reporting turn gray.
This allows you to instantly assess the health status of all your monitored sites.
Above And Below: The light theme perfectly complements the dark theme introduced last year. It provides a fresh new, modern look for all your OMNI ZOOM dashboards.
Unlock the hidden power of your data sets. Contact Optima to convert/upgrade your OMNI ZOOM dashboards today.
Or ask for a quick demo so we can showcase our BI dashboard solutions.
Ralf Doewich

Optima, Inc.

Application, Software, Tech Tips

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