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SAM V1.24A Released

We have just released an update for the SAM application. There is a new edition of the SAM User Guide as well. V1.24A is a minor step release. Some internal improvements have been made and the app now supports the use of an external siren.

Sirens can act as a deterrent. With their ear-piercing sound, they increase the chances that an intruder might abort and flee. This minimizes the potential damage or theft. The intruder gets a clear and unmistakable message — the break-in was detected and logged. And that his actions will have consequences.

Note that the app only triggers the use of the siren upon detection of an intrusion. All other audible signals will continue be output via the regular audible buzzer.

V1.24A is now available for download via the Optima Cloud Storage.


Ralf Doewich

Optima, Inc.

Application, Software

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