1000-A070102D Optima T:LAN NetPro e44m (T/T)

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The T:LAN NetPro LAN/WAN interconnect system is a remote terminal unit (RTU). It incorporates features of a multi-port Ethernet switch/router, an alarm aggregator and a console server.

Optional Dual T1/E1 WAN Modules installed. Supports flexible WAN link communication options with configurable time slot assigner. WAN Bypass module guarantees link continuity during power outages.

Optional MODEM installed. Supports Dial-Up connections (V.90, V.34, V.42/bis) from 300 bps to 56,000 bps. Globally-compliant line interface.

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T:LAN NetPro is an ideal RTU toolbox:
  • Optional MODEM module for Dial-Up link support,
  • Optional Dual T1/E1 Modules for flexible WAN communications,
  • Extends communication access to remote facilities,
  • Streamlines network element management,
  • Improves network surveillance,
  • Provides alarms back-haul,
  • Speeds up equipment provisioning,
  • Facilitates far side console/TELNET access.

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