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Site Profile Programming in ecoSENTRY

Coinciding with the release of ecoSENTRY V3.14C, we have made some slight modifications to the output file formats used by the application. The log and records file structure has been updated. All files now contain an additional SITE PROFILE field in the header portion.

The SITE PROFILE field is used to describe or identify the equipment deployed in a particular site.

The SITE PROFILE field is a text field which can hold up to 50 characters. The format is currently specified as follows:

   kW_Ratingin kW
FFUEL SENSORF<Index>-<Type>Index1-n
   Type-1 = none
    0 = Analog
    1-4 = USS Type 1-4
    5 = HPS
    6 = LPG Gauges
    7 = Serial Port Sensor
   Tank_Capacity_Lin L
   Shapeoptional, 1-14 (see user guide)
SSOLAR PANELSS<Nr_Of_Panels>-<Total_Capacity_kW>Nr_Of_Panels1-n
   Total_Capacity_kWin kW
WWIND TURBINESW<Nr_Of_Turbines>-<Total_Capacity_kW>Nr_Of_Turbines1-n
   Total_Capacity_kWin kW
   Total_Rating_Ahin Ah
MMAINSM<Nr_Of_Phases>-<Nom_Voltage>Nr_Of_Phases0-3 (0 = no MAINS)
   Nom_Voltagein V AC

To better illustrate the use of these, here are a few examples:

G1-2-Y2013GENSET #1 = 2kW, Year Of Manufacture: 2013
F1-1FUEL SENSOR #1 = USS type 1
T1-8000-1TANK #1 = 8,000L Capacity, Horz. Cylinder
S4-1SOLAR PANELS = 4 Panels, 1kW Capacity (Total)
W2-2WIND TURBINES = 2 Turbines, 2kW Capacity (Total)
B4-12000BATTERIES = 4 Batteries, 12,000 Ah (Total)
M3-110MAINS = 3 Phases, 110VAC (Nominal)

With the above listed examples, the resulting SITE PROFILE string would be:


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