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Going Green – Adding Solar Panels To Our Building

Pardon our appearance during the next two weeks.
Our building is getting greener!
The heavy equipment is here. Contractors have begun work. They are busy retrofitting our building with a roof-top solar panel installation. Crane trucks will soon be lifting the major components up onto the roof.
Please note:
During this period, parking in front of the building will be restricted. Please observe the signage when visiting our office.
We have been advised that once the outside work is complete, power to the whole building will be turned off. A required step to complete the electrical hook-up. This will result in a brief service interruption. During this time, all our on-line services will not be reachable. The outage will be scheduled during a low traffic period over the weekend hours. We will issue an update as soon as the exact date and time are known.
Thank you for your understanding.
The ultimate goal is to further reduce our carbon footprint. As always, at Optima we are committed to conservation. To search for new ways to save energy and the environment.
Ralf Doewich

Optima, Inc.

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