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Smaller. Lighter. Faster. Greener.

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We shrunk our packaging — re-engineered it from the bottom up. Our new shipping containers eliminate waste and increase efficiencies. The goal was to combine our shipping box with the two separate inserts we used before to suspend our products in the center of the container.


Old container
Standard Design 100%
New Design - 40% Less Volume
Smaller is beautiful 60%

Shrinking the container size allows for more products to be shipped in a smaller volume. This results in lower shipping costs and reduces our carbon footprint. But changing the size alone wasn’t enough. We needed to strengthen the box as there was less ‘cushioning’ space around our products now.

Accessories (like sensors, rack-mount brackets, power connectors) all needed their own specially designated spot — to be tucked away, while being protected even in the event of a sudden drop.

A bold notice was added to remind handlers to check all packaging for those small accessories — so nothing will be missed.


Old Container
Standard Design 100%
New Design - 49% Less Weight
Lighter is better. 51%

Inflation and rising costs everywhere impact every aspect of our business. Shipping containers included. Cardboard stock shortages have had an impact on our industry over the past few years. So when we re-designed our packaging, we worked closely with our suppliers to select the right stock for the job, while staying within a tight budget.

And while lowering the overall weight of our shipping containers helped us do that, this works out great for the environment too.


Old Container
Standard Design 100%
New Design - 30% Less Time To Assemble
Shorter is better. 70%

By combining the previously separate inserts (2) with the cardboard box (1), we eliminated some of the logistics of ordering, managing, and warehousing multiple bulky cardboard stacks. We also kept an eye on reducing the complexity involved in assembling these into a drop-in ready-to-ship container.

This means faster prep & ship times for all our customer orders. Always a win-win.


Optima strongly encourages recycling. Our shipping containers are made out of 100% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. Please follow all local guidelines when disposing of packaging materials.

For years we have been working on eliminating the use of all non-recyclable packaging. Our goal: zero percent plastics, non-biodegradable polystyrene or foam in our packaging.

We used a stronger flute for the cardboard material, which made the overall box stiffer and ideally suited to survive being shipped back-and-forth several times. In case any of our products ever need to be returned for an RMA process, or our customers decide to trans-ship units to a different location. This cuts down on the overall packaging needed during the entire life-cycle of our products.

Optima. Greener by design.

Ralf Doewich

Optima, Inc.

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