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RIO xR3 OS – July 2021 Update Released


Optima Document Number: 4000-T200060A


July 16, 2021


Optima has just released the July 2021 RIO xR3 OS Update. This version provides bug fixes, firmware changes and user interface improvements.  For more information, please refer to the associated OS release notes or check out the WHAT’S NEW section below.





July 16, 2021




This release is suitable for the following models/units:

  • Optima RIO xR3 – 200  Rev. 1A
  • Optima RIO xR3 – 300  Rev. 1A


For best results, use in conjunction with Optima xR3 Front End Application (v0.62.0 or newer).


 ID Scope Description
#24 DATABASE New Ram-Based Database For 10X Faster Throughput
#38 NETWORK Added Current State For Cellular Modem
#42 IO Pending Commits Indicator On Button Bar
#51 WIFI New Wi-Fi Configuration Page With Option To Scan For Networks
#60 SYSTEM Displays Commit Progress
#63 SYSTEM New Time Configuration Page With Option For Manual Controls
#65 IO Shows Active And Inactive Event Log Entry Counts On Main Menu
#67 SYSTEM Adds Warning On Reboot/Firmware Upgrade With Un-Committed Changes
#70 NETWORK Primary Interface Configuration
#71 NETWORK Added MQTT Test Connection Support
#73 NETWORK SFP Status And Hardware Details
#73 NETWORK SFP Status And Hardware Details
#74 SYSTEM Shows Co-Processor Firmware Update Time Stamps On Admin Page
 ID Scope Description
#34 SYSTEM Adds Current State Displays To I/O Configuration Pages
#43 IO Improved Event Log Display
#50 IO Direct Access To I/Os Via Coordinates Drop-Down Boxes On I/O Configuration Pages
#53 IO Notifications Pop-Up Location Changed
#55 FE FRONT END Version Shown In Menu Menu Header
#58 SYSTEM Main Menu Navigation Improvements With Direct Links To Sub-Pages
#59 IO I/O Indicators Link Directly To I/O Configuration (Drill-Down)
#61 SYSTEM Adds Commit Timeout For Changes Affecting System Connectivity
#62 IO Only Shows Configured Onewire And Modbus Sensors On Dashboard
#64 IO Improved Dashboard I/O Indicators With Details In Tooltip
#66 SYSTEM Always Shows Footer Button Bar
#68 NETWORK Uses IPv4 Link Local Address Instead Of Default Static IP Address
#69 IO Added Default Thresholds To Most I/Os To Speed Up Deployment
 ID Scope Description
#56 SYSTEM Rewritten OTA Handler To Improve Firmware Updating Process

Authorized users can now contact Optima Support to get the latest instructions on how to configure their units for automatic OTA updates.

Ralf Doewich

Optima Tele.com, Inc.

Application, Configuration, Software, Tech Tips

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