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A How-To

Interfacing Examples

Discrete Contacts / Analog Inputs

Hybrid Inputs

Configure each input to suit your unique application.

Hybrid Inputs are software switchable, and either work as discrete contact, or analog inputs. Individually configurable with custom thresholds.

Latching. Low Power. Big Impact.


The RIO xR3 comes equipped with two Form A (normally open) and two Form C (change-over) latching relays. Wire out the most appropriate type for your application.

Integrated Power Supply


The RIO xR3 features a built-in RS-485/MODBUS interface with integrated power supply, providing a maximum of 10W @ 24Vdc.

Handle Multiple Sensors. The easy way.


The integrated OneWire bus port supports up to eight Optima enviroSENSORS.

Perfect to capture demanding multi-point temperature, humidity and air-flow readings – whether in server rooms or far off places.

One I/O. 4 Personalities.


Assumes one of these 4 different modes:

Current Loop Input: to measure 0-25mA currents. General Purpose Input: in case all other hybrid inputs are busy. Pulse/Frequency Counter: to keep track of rapid fire changes. Low Power Digital Output: fast acting, digital out.

Supervised Power Input

DC Input

Hooking up power is easy.

A single, locking, 2-position terminal block (5 mm) supplies power to the unit, the battery charger, MODBUS power supply and backup battery. A separate grounding screw is provided as well.