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How To Identify The T:LAN MODBUS Options

T:LANs can be ordered with a variety of factory installed options. This post provides a quick guide on how to identify the options present in a particular unit. Please note that when ordering a T:LAN RTU, customers can specify whether the unit should be equipped with either a MODEM or a MODBUS module. As both of these optional modules share the same internal footprint they are mutually exclusive.

To find out about the hardware configuration settings of a T:LAN, log into the unit, then navigate to the GENERAL SYSTEM CHARACTERISTICS screen. Check the option shown under <5>:

Factory Installed Option <5>
ID Enhancements MODBUS Power Out RS-485 Bias
1 Rev4+
2 Rev4+ MODBUS 12V
3 Rev4+ MODBUS 12V
4 Rev4+ MODBUS
5 Rev4+ MODBUS 5V
6 Rev4+ MODBUS 12V yes
7 Rev4+ MODBUS 24V (isolated) yes

Another way to identify the hardware configuration is to check out the Remote Commander Client OPTIONS column. It will identify the hardware configurations as follows:

  • R4+    Neither MODEM nor MODBUS module installed:
  • MODEM    MODEM module installed:
  • MBZ/R4+    MODBUS module is installed. No power-out option provided:
  • MB5/R4+    MODBUS module is installed. Provides 5Vdc/100mA out:
  • MODBUS    MODBUS module is installed. Provides 12Vdc/100mA out:
  • MB/R4+    MODBUS module is installed. Provides 12Vdc/100mA out:
  • MBB/R4+    MODBUS module is installed. Provides 12Vdc/100mA out, with RS-485 bias:
  • MB24/R4+    MODBUS module is installed. Provides isolated 24Vdc/100mA out, with RS-485 bias:
Ralf Doewich

Optima, Inc.

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