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How To Run A T:LAN RTC Diagnostic

Is your T:LAN RTC (Real-Time-Clock) losing time? Is it out of sync with your NTP server? Did it start showing a completely wrong time? Are funny characters appearing instead of the proper date & time string?

Then it might be time to run a quick RTC diagnostic.

Log into the T:LAN. Go to the MAIN MENU. Use the [N]PA command and type:


and hit <ENTER>. The T:LAN will now perform a quick RTC diagnostic. Within a few seconds you should see:

NVCM    - verified & passed! -
Battery - verified & passed! -
Clock   - verified & passed! -

This indicates that the hardware is functioning properly. Thus any remaining issues with the T:LAN’s time and date setting are software related. These will need to be addressed as shown in the next section.

How To Deal With Hardware Issues

Component Status Remedy
NVCM failed RMA the T:LAN.
Battery failed Order T:LAN SNAPHAT replacement kit or RMA the T:LAN.
Clock failed Open T:LAN and re-seat SNAPHAT or RMA the T:LAN.

How To Deal With Software Issues

There are two methods to set the T:LAN RTC. Manual and via Remote Commander Client.


Go to the [G]eneral System Parameters menu, use the Set [S]ystem Time command. Enter the current date & time.

RCC (Remote Commander Client)

Select the T:LAN in the Device List. Press CTRL-Y (or select SYNCHRONIZE CLOCK from the DEVICE MENU).

This will synchronize the T:LAN date/time with the current settings used by the system running RCC.

Next, check if the date/time display shows correctly now. If it does, do a complete power cycle of the T:LAN. Check the date & time after the T:LAN has re-booted. If the issue persists, RMA the unit. If the time is showing correctly now, go to the [P]rotocols & IP Filtering Menu.

Select [N]TP …………….. Network Time Protocol.

Enter the proper NTP Server settings. Use the [S]ynchronize Now command to force a synchronization cycle with the selected NTP server. Verify the proper operation using the [V]iew Statistics command.

Ralf Doewich

Optima, Inc.

Clock, NTP, RTC

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