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Latest T:LAN MIB Update Released

Optima has just released the latest update to the T:LAN and RIO SNMP MIB V1-9-1.


This version of the MIB now sports extra general configuration and statistics OIDs. This helps with device identification, alarm synchronization and general house-keeping functions.


The MIB changes are restricted to newly added OIDs. Handling of these OIDs is optional. These MIB changes have no impact on existing systems.


No wiring or physical installation changes are required to enable the new T:LAN/RIO MIB V1-9-1 features .

However, the T:LAN OS needs to be updated to BN7630 (or newer) before the added set of OIDs can be worked with.


Authorized users can now download their own copies via the Optima Cloud Storage. The latest version of the T:LAN OS can be found in the PRODUCTS/TLAN directory. The MIB file(s) can be found in the DOCUMENTS/MIBS/TLAN folder.

Ralf Doewich

Optima, Inc.

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