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RIO xR3 – A Closer Look

Get a first hand look at some of the main features of Optima’s upcoming RIO xR3 — our latest IoT Telemetry & Network Supervisory Module:

RIO xR3 – A Closer Look

This quick tour highlights all the available I/O’s and interfaces. It also contains detailed diagrams and instructions that show how to hook up:

  • alarms,
  • analog and current loop sensors,
  • OneWire sensors,
  • MODBUS devices,
  • a satellite modem, and
  • how to control external devices using the built-in relays.

We will be adding more content to the tour in the coming days. Check back again soon.

We also just updated the main RIO xR3 product page and specifications. To check out the latest version, follow this link:

RIO xR3 Product Page

If you prefer to download the technical specifications, you can now grab a copy of the xR3-300 datasheet here:

RIO xR3 – Datasheets

Ralf Doewich

Optima, Inc.

IoT Telemetry, Remote Netowork Supervisory Module

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