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SAM V1.27A Released

Optima has just released Version 1.27A of the Optima SAM application.

We have also published the September 2018 edition of the Optima SAM User Guide.


  • INTRUSION ALARMS: tech arriving on-site can quickly silence SIREN & BUZZER using access fob
  • INTRUSION ALARMS: will be latched until authorized user clears alarm (on-site/remote)
  • INTRUSION ALARMS: added SIREN SQUAWKS as an audible reminder of latched INTRUSION ALARM status
  • MOTION ALARMS: only issues SNMP traps in ARMED modes once thresholds are crossed
  • MOTION ALARMS: will be flagged as TRIGGERED (if below threshold) and as TRIPPED (once threshold has been crossed)
  • LOGS: added SIREN ELAPSED TIMER to track duration when SIREN was active
  • LOGS: more timed events report elapsed time in log
  • LOGS: added anti-tamper protection


The appplication has been hardened, making it more difficult to tamper with SAM installations. At the same time remote manageability and ease-of-use have been improved.


No wiring or physical installation changes are required to enable the new features incorporated into the V1.27A release.


Authorized users can now download their own copies via the Optima Cloud Storage. The latest version of the SAM User Guide can be accessed on-line via the Optima Library.

Ralf Doewich

Optima Tele.com, Inc.

Application, Configuration, Software, Tech Tips

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