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We would like to extend the warmest wishes for a very special Holiday Season to all ofour staff members, industry partners,valued customers and suppliers. Read Read More
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Optima created a new set of web-based ecoSENTRY dashboards to further enhance insights into all aspects of the ecoSENTRY monitoring operation and to provide our Read More
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Previously, the ecoSENTRY application supported a mix of internal (on-board T:LAN sensor) and external temperature and humidity sensors (OneWire enviroSENSOR). Starting with V3.05C, the ecoSENTRY Read More
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Starting with ecoSENTRY V3.08C, the application is now compatible with a number of prime power sites Read More! Read More
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REFERENCE:Optima Document Number: 4000-T200050ADATE:November 10, 2017DESCRIPTION:Under rare circumstances, Supervisor/Manager level users cannot properly manage locally stored user records or create new user records.SEVERITY:Moderate.OCCURENCE:Rare.SYMPTOMS:USER AND SYSTEM Read More
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Starting with ecoSENTRY V2.96C, the application supports the use of a separate template file which allows the user to individually control the severity levels of Read More
  Categories : ecoSENTRY, SNMP  Posted by Mr. Optima

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