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Connecting All Your Sites

Sometimes reaching the farthest corners of your network takes a bit of engineering, and the flexibility offered by our Optima Remote Terminal Units (RTUs). Read on and discover how you can use the different link technologies and connection types available.

Fiber-Optic Links

If the distance you need to bridge are just a bit out of the reach of standard Ethernet links, why not consider using fiber links to close the gap. Multiple options exist: Single/Multi-Mode, at speeds of 2.5 Gbps or 1 Gbps (NEXUS Nano), while RIO xR3 offers a 100FX link option.


Recommended Products:

Optima NEXUS Nano
Optima RIO xR3

Ethernet Links

Speed and versatility. Ethernet links are the most widely used connection method to bring your network together and up to speed. T:LANs and RIO xR3 offer 10/100 links. NEXUS Nano supports 10/100/1000.


T1 Links

No Ethernet? No fiber? No problem! If you have some spare DS1/T1 or E1 connections you can use these to hook up your sites to the rest of the network.


Recommended Products:
Optima T:LAN

Cellular Links

No wired connections available at all? Then opt for cellular. Use a suitable 3G/4G or 5G (depending on local availability and network build-out) modem and hook up your sites via cellular links. The separate AERO units are only required in conjunction with T:LANs (but can optionally also be used with NEXUS Nano). To simplify roll-outs, NEXUS Nano and RIO xR3 have an integrated modem bay to enable on-board cellular communications. Optima offers optimized NB-IoT/LTE-M modem options with dual SIM support for use with the NEXUS Nano and RIO xR3.


Satellite Links

No wired connections? And no cellular coverage either? Sounds like a case for the use of satellite links. Deploy our ALARMS UPLINK enabled products to keep tabs on even the most remote sites in your network. Without breaking the bank. Check the link above to see how our compression technology helps preserve satellite data link budgets.


WIFI Links

Need to cover a special event, or bring up a temporary site? Do you need to locate the equipment high up underneath the ceiling? Why not use WIFI to establish a fast network connection! Easily monitor and manage your equipment, the wireless way. Whether temporary or not.


Recommended Products:
Optima NEXUS Nano
Optima RIO xR3

Legacy - Dial-Up Links

This list would not be complete if we would not at least mention the option of using dial-up connections for those legacy applications that don’t warrant deploying any other link technology. Optional modems provide back-up connections, or dial-up links on demand.


Compatible Products:
Optima T:LAN


There are many ways with which you can reach even the most remote sites in your network. All of the examples above can be combined to form one single production network. Talk to us if you have a particular application in mind. Or if you need some helpful tips or advice on how to extend the reach of your network today.

Ralf Doewich

Optima, Inc.

Last Update: November 27, 2019

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