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How Edge Computing Delivers the Promises of 5G

The switch to 5G has been driving a lot of changes in telecom networks. Our customers are rethinking the role of the edge network. They need them to deliver more than just 5G. To make their business cases work, edge networks* are called upon to deliver more localized, latency sensitive services.

At the same time, enterprises are looking at new service delivery options. Those that minimize central processing and inherent latencies. Especially for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications.

One of our development goals when designing the NEXUS Nano was:

To deliver the best possible, and most up-to-date combination of hardware and software tools.

« Ultimately, we want to allow our customers to monetize their edge cloud. Because we see it as the most effective way to offset the rising costs of deploying infrastructure. »

This got us working on a set of features that accommodates micro-services at the edge. We baked it directly into NEXUS Nano. With it we opened up the possibility to host and run a whole new slate of Industry 4.0 services. For a varying number of customers. From within and outside of your organization – on one common platform.

Everybody benefits. Our direct customers can now offer innovative, revenue generating services. Manage and run end-customer applications right at the edge of their networks.

This extends the cloud to places where it makes the most sense. Placing it at the heart of the action – next to the metrics they rely on. Bringing it to places where the micro-services could never be deployed before.

Obviously, we are working on an open implementation. And not just to avoid the dreaded single-vendor lock-in. Our implementation can be set up to:

  • run in an automated fashion,
  • offer on-demand fail-overs,
  • provide great scalability, and most important of all
  • deliver secure and controlled services.

All of these features rely on the ability to perform accurate network slicing. Thus we ensure non-overlapping, secure use of resources. And in the end, effective service delivery.

Our aim is to change the way our direct customers think of the NEXUS Nano as a whole. We want it to be a an open, scalable service delivery platform. We firmly believe that NEXUS Nano can be so much more. It is not limited to being a pure network infrastructure management device.

Instead, we provide our customers with the right set of tools for rolling out a service delivery platform. One that is perfectly suited for the management of your network and your alarms. But more importantly, one that has the potential to serve double duty as a revenue generator.

We have been integrating this right into the fundamentals of the NEXUS Nano OS itself. Orchestrate upgrades, ramp up applications, schedule services. Do it all in an DevOps friendly, automated manner, driven by policies and resource availability.

If you are interested, let’s talk. We welcome the opportunity to discuss all the possibilities NEXUS Nano will offer to your organization.

*= Edge Networks: practically anywhere at the outer rim of telecom networks.
Ralf Doewich

Optima, Inc.

Edge Cloud, Industry 4.0, Microservices

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