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How To Enter ecoLOGIC App License Keys


T:LAN units can be pre-ordered from Optima with the proper ecoLOGIC App license keys/activation codes already programmed into each unit. If you have such a device, you can skip this procedure and continue with the actual app installation itself.

Otherwise, here are the required steps if you plan on installing an ecoLOGIC application on a unit that has already been deployed in the field and still requires the activation of the application license keys:

  1. Contact Optima Sales to obtain the required ecoLOGIC application license key sets.

  2. Submit the MAC address of your T:LAN to Optima.

  3. Optima will generate and return the license key data sets.

  4. Enter the license key data supplied into your unit.

  5. Proceed to install and run the ecoLOGIC application on your T:LAN unit.

Step-By-Step Instructions

To carry out step 4 listed above, follow the instructions:

  1. Log into the T:LAN. From the T:LAN MAIN MENU, press the N key to activate the [N]PA command:

  2. Next, type:
    $ADBC3425 ENTER

  3. This will prompt the T:LAN to ask for the license key data:

Enter License Key Data                              
Format: 99999999-99999999-99999999-99999999-99999999
(Enter [.] to abort):                               
  1. Either type or use the copy & paste method (recommended) for each of the two required license key data sets, then press ENTER

  2. The T:LAN will then try to apply the entered license key information.

If this attempt fails, it will respond as follows:

Commencing. Please Wait ...
Operation Skipped/Failed.

---Press [+] to continue---


  • Pay attention to the spelling.
  • Enter the license key exactly as shown.
  • Do not forget the dashes between the individual blocks.
  • Ensure the proper use of upper/lower case letters.

If everything has been entered properly, the following will be shown on-screen:

Commencing. Please Wait ...
Operation Complete/Success.

---Press [+] to continue---
  1. Press any key and repeat the operation for the 2nd license key supplied.
  1. To verify that the operation has succeeded, please type the N key again to issue the [N]PA command, this time entering in:
    $ADBC3555 ENTER

The T:LAN is now ready to begin the ecoLOGIC app installation process itself.

Ralf Doewich

Optima, Inc.

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