RIO xR3 MIB Update Released

Optima has just released the latest update to the RIO xR3 SNMP MIB.


This is a substantial update of the Optima RIO xR3 MIB. V1-0-4, when output as PDF, now spans 113 pages. In contrast, the early preview (V1-0-2) PDF version only contained 25 pages. NOTE: V1-0-3 was marked internal-use-only.

Change Log V1-0-2 to V1-0-4:
– Added Last Hour Statistics
– Added Destination Statistics
– Added IO Statistics
– Added System Log
– Updated Event Log
– Added IO Status Table
– Added Device Configuration
– Added Device Identification
– Removed combined IO table
– Added ID & Options table
– Added Analog table
– Added Relay table
– Added Thresholds table
– Added MODBUS table
– Added AAS section
– Added Classification – Category Table
– Added Classification – Policy Table
– Added Classification – Equipment Table
– Added Classification – Power Domain Table
– Added Classification – Load Shedding Table
– Added Throttling section
– Added Severity Mapping


No wiring or physical installation changes are required to enable the new RIO xR3 MIB V1-0-4 features. However, the RIO xR3 firmware needs to be updated for compatibility.


Authorized users can now download their own copies via the Optima Cloud Storage.

NOTE: The latest version of the RIO xR3 firmware will be provided directly to eligible customers as soon as it becomes available.

Ralf Doewich

Optima, Inc.

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