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NEXUS Nano Life Cycle Management and Asset Monitoring

One of the latest trends gaining traction these days is: AUTOMATED REMOTE ASSET MONITORING.

With a modern asset monitoring system in place, companies gain valuable knowledge. They get a better understanding of their true geographic dispersion. They see a clear picture of the health, availability, and productivity of all their assets. Centralizing the management and monitoring of these assets makes sense. It allows for much better integration and updating of the information at hand. It also helps companies focus on areas needing improvement. And by utilizing modern reporting tools, they can more effectively control how each asset is being used throughout its life cycle.

Once tracked by an Automated Remote Asset Tracking system, companies are able to:

  • prioritize and strategize asset deployment,
  • plan multi-stage, multi-year roll-outs,
  • recycle assets, moving them into under-served areas, or
  • re-assign under-utilized assets to increase efficiency.

We have been working hard to embed our Automated Remote Asset Monitoring framework into our next generation products. Optima’s solution allows our customers to bridge the gap between their own operations and the best industry practices. It supports:

  • incorporating predictive maintenance,
  • staying on top of repairs and replacements,
  • using KPIs to track anomalies, and
  • reducing time-to-action in the event of an malfunction or failure.

Optima has a proven track record when it comes to managing temporal information. Our products already support many other relevant KPI groups including:

  • on-line status,
  • network health,
  • working condition,
  • behaviour under load,
  • efficiency, and
  • power consumption.

We now extended these capabilities with flexible asset tagging, bar-coding and a series of time stamps. Their purpose is to track each stage of an asset’s life. From planning, production, to purchasing, and staging. From deployment, in-service maintenance & repairs, to maturity and decommission or storage.

Optima products support a rich Automated Remote Asset Monitoring framework. One capable of performing sophisticated asset tracking and lifecycle functions with ease.

Ralf Doewich

Optima, Inc.

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