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Optima Remote Commander Client V3.11.1 Released

Optima is proud to announce the availability of the RCC (Remote Commander Client) V3.11.1 release

This official May 2019 edition incorporates new features, improvements and fixes:



 469Fixed issues with Send Configuration sequence finishing early, before unit has rebooted.
 530Remove local copy of Secured Device List if found to be corrupted.
 529Added “Play Script” to the Device menu, with Ctrl+P as the keyboard shortcut.
 531Added “Server Login (w/ forced refresh)” option to the Tools menu to allow a manual update of the local Secured Device List copy.
 532Added “Re-Play Script” to the Device menu to repeat playing the last selected script without prompting for a file.
 533Added Location information to Device labels in the Log window
Starting today, Optima Customer Service Program subscribers can download the RCC V3.11.1 from the Optima Cloud Storage system.

The updated RCC User Guide is now available in the Optima Library.

Ralf Doewich

Optima, Inc.

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