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ecoSENTRY V3.16C Released

Optima has just released Version 3.16C of the Optima ecoSENTRY application.

We have also published the February 2019 edition of the Optima ecoSENTRY Release Notes.


    Added Option [L] To POWER MENU. Allows User To Specify The Polling/Reading Interval. Range: 1 – 15min


Records files can now be larger (and possibly smaller) than those generated by prior ecoSENTRY app versions.

ecoSENTRY V3.16C supports a user selected Polling/Readings Interval setting. The same parameter controls how fast the following will be polled/read:

  • AC Meter
  • DC Meter(s)
  • enviroSENSOR ws-7 (Weather Station)
  • enviroSENSOR (Indoor/Outdoor Temperature)
  • Wind Turbine(s)

ecoSENTRY app versions up to (and including) 3.15C fixed this value at a 5 minute interval.

Starting with V3.16C, the ecoSENTRY app now allows the user to specify this interval in the range of 1 to 15 minutes.

To set a new polling/reading interval, go the POWER MENU, then use option [L].

Since the app generates one entry per polling/reading cycle, this can result in records files that are potentially 5 times as large as previously recorded files. Ensure that the selected interval and the resulting records file sizes will comfortably fit on drive B:. Especially when selecting intervals shorter than the previous default of 5 minutes. Similarly, setting the interval to any period longer than 5 minutes will result in smaller records files being generated.


No wiring or physical installation changes are required to enable the new features incorporated into the V3.16C release.


Authorized users can now download their own copies via the Optima Cloud Storage. The latest version of the ecoSENTRY Release Notes can be found in the same directory.

Ralf Doewich

Optima, Inc.

Application, Configuration, Software, Tech Tips

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