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T:LAN Hard­ware Revisions Explained

A lot has changed over the years since we first released the T:LAN in 1999. Different hardware revisions introduced new advances in technology. They have also transformed the roles that this product family has been fulfilling. Here is a condensed overview, listing the differences between each iteration:
T:LAN NetPro 100Rev.1x1MB4MB,a11c1L
T:LAN NetPro 200Rev.1x1MB4MB,a21c1L
T:LAN NetPlex 200Rev.1x1MB4MB,a211L
T:LAN NetStream 200Rev.1x1MB4MB,a211L
T:LAN NetPro 142Rev.2x1MB4MB,a14c2L
T:LAN NetPro 144Rev.2x1MB4MB,a14c4L
T:LAN NetPro 242Rev.2x1MB4MB,a24c2L
T:LAN NetPro 244Rev.2x1MB4MB,a24c4L
T:LAN NetPlex 242Rev.2x1MB4MB,a242L
T:LAN NetPlex 244Rev.2x1MB4MB,a244L
T:LAN NetPlex 242DXRev.2x1MB4MB,a242L
T:LAN NetStream 242Rev.2x1MB4MB,a242L
T:LAN NetStream 244Rev.2x1MB4MB,a244L
T:LAN NetStream 242DXRev.2x1MB4MB,a242L
T:LAN OCP 242Rev.2x1MB4MB,a24L
T:LAN NetPro e42Rev.3x1MB4MB,af4d2L
T:LAN NetPro e44Rev.3x1MB4MB,af4d4L
T:LAN NetPlex e42Rev.3x1MB4MB,af42L
T:LAN NetPlex e44Rev.3x1MB4MB,af44L
T:LAN NetPlex e42DXRev.3x1MB4MB,af42L
T:LAN NetStream e42Rev.3x1MB4MB,af42L
T:LAN NetStream e44Rev.3x1MB4MB,af44L
T:LAN NetStream e42DXRev.3x1MB4MB,af42L
T:LAN OCP e40Rev.3x1MB4MB,af4L
T:LAN NetPro e42Rev.4x4MB16MB,bf4d2P
T:LAN NetPro e44Rev.4x4MB16MB,bf4d4,up to 20eP
T:LAN OCP e40Rev.4x4MB16MB,bf4P


a4MB standard
  8MB optional
  16MB optional
b16MB standard
  RIO4802 (all variations) only
  RIO4802 (all variations),
  RIO1608R8S4 (all variations)
  Expands serial port capacity to 20 RS-232 ports
fNumber of WAN ports depends on label information:
  (-/-)0 WAN ports(LAN only) 
  (T/-)1 WAN port(T1/E1) 
  (T/T)2 WAN ports(T1/E1) 
  (G/-)1 WAN port(G.703) 
  (T/G)2 WAN ports(T1/E1+G.703) 
  (G/G)2 WAN ports(G.703) 
LLegacy (EOL)
  No longer in production
  Last supported OS version: BN7610
  In production
ModemsOptional on all models (except OCP)
  Presence of a modem is indicated by
  the suffix ‘m’ added to model number.
  Example: T:LAN NetPro e44m
Ralf Doewich

Optima Tele.com, Inc.

Configuration, Hardware, Tech Tips

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